nfl vs xfl

I know this is an old story---I haven't been able to get on to this site for a year or so due to comp problems---but I'd just like to have your opinions.Were the Bills management being a touch heavy handed last year when they disallowed fans from entering the stadium wearing Ron Mexico t-shirts and jerseys?I know what the xfl would've done---they'd have been selling them at the gate,encouraging fans to wear them!Could the Falcons have walked off the field and forfeited the game under protest?Could they have sued bills management?Could the league have fined Buffalo?Obviously if there had been fights in the stands over the matter security would be obligated to intervene and take the offending parties to the cops if necessary.What do you think?Sorry,I don't have time to explain how the incident itself's on the net.

What I find worse than this is the fact the NFL will not allow any of its official retailers to print the word 'Mexico' on a Falcons Jersey. Talk about NO FUN!

as for the shirts I think it should be allowed. Senators also tried to ban leaf wear at the Corel centre when toronto was in town, and although I hate the laffs as much as anyone, that's just stupid, especially when ottawa charges 40% more for leafs games than other games.

The exception to this is when NY Yankees were playing the Mariners and fans were buying and wearing Tshirts that depicted a NY firefighter urinating on Ichiro that were being sold outside the stadium. That crap is uncalled for, but if the gear is only poking fun and is not of a Racist/violent/sexist nature, I'm all for it.

Vick was fair game.I mean if it had been Tom Cruise who had checked into a clinic under an alias we'd never have heard the end of it.Don't get me wrong,I love the nfl---even grinders like last nights game---but I just wish they'd let the fans have a little more fun every now and then.Isn't it part of a fans job to try and throw the other team off their game plan?

I’m sure Ichiro has a sense of humour.Well it showed respect for his hitting,didn’t it?Wanna hear a funny one?I make a few bucks on the bills squishing the fish on sunday.To celebrate I take a cab down to pier 8 to see if I can catch some black crappie or perch.While I’m there minding my business this little girl comes up to me and offers me a candy.She says it’s a gummy squish-fish!I could’ve kissed her right there and then!Unfortunately,like I say,she was too young…besides her daddy was just around the corner.

It's weird, in this day and age of information, information and yet still more information available at your fingertips, they are censoring something like this. Just trying to have that all perfect squeaky clean image of pro football players, cough, cough, cough, just like their drug policy, again, cough, cough, cough. Are you telling me NFL players who test negative for drugs are the size they are only due to protein supplements? Cough, cough, cough a million times. What a friggin joke.

Thanks Earl.I feel like a bum bringing this up again,because I have absoloutely nothing against Michael Vick.He’s a very entertaining player—er…not counting last Monday night that is—and I don’t want to slag him.I just think that Bills management was being too heavy handed last year when they disallowed fans to enter the Falcons game wearing a Ron Mexico jersey.As for the NFL drug policy,I don’t know a thing about it…but if it’s all about tonnage,Edmonton has a pretty big O-line too,don’t they?As big as many in the NFL,I’m sure.