We don't want the americans stealing our game also.

roses are red
violets are blue
the NFL's gameplay
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YOU try concocting something better in 30 secs

I like it, under thirty seconds n all..
What sparks my the Eagles ....
The old CFL gunslinger...vs the NFL...
You rock...Jeff, give em hell..

The NFL 40 second clock gives as much time between plays as the CFL 20 second clock...

NFL-> 40 seconds from end of previous play.
CFL-> 20 seconds from 'play-in' whistle

Actual time difference --> negligable

As far as the NFL and its progression to offensive dominant football... that seems to be the case indeed. I've found the NFL to be churning out a higher rate of entertaining games this year than in previous years.

I hope the CFL can find itself again by doing more to free up recievers & open up the kicking game.

20 extra seconds ground off the clock on EVERY SINGLE PLAY is NOT negligible. these precious seconds invariably accumulate over the duration of nfl games and rob the players and fans of valuable playing time.

Good point, however I would say it is still a 10 second difference. I really could see a 35 maybe 30 second clock in the future. In a no huddle, it's negligable. And in the final 2-3 minutes, the CFL has lots of game left, while that 40 NFL seconds will empty the stadium.

As for the NFL game vs CFL. The CFL was always the better game until the "Doug Flutie era" Just before Flutie hit the NFL, it was adopting many CFL like offences. 5 reciever sets, faster clock, scambling quarterbacks. The league has become a passing fancy and consequently high scoring game that rivals CFL excitement. If they ever fixed the last 2 minutes, the product would exceed the CFL.

While both leagues have somewhat copyied each other over the years, the NFL are truly experts at evolving there game so it stays on top. I don't want to drastically change all CFL rules but it's important to maintain a great product. How long must we play with a huge Spalding ball? Finally 30 years later, they changed it. Do we wait until a team wins the Grey Cup on a wide field goal to fix that rule?

the NFL could NEVER surpass the CFL


Thats a very blanket statement to make.

Items that have classically given the CFL an edge in entertainment value include:

  1. A kicking/return game that matched the significance of scrimmage in winning the game.

  2. Rules that force big play football & encourage offensive football... e.g.
    --every other play is a 2nd & long...
    --conservative punting is no safe bet as dangerous returners have classically contributed to alot of scoring.

  3. Clock rules that provide every opportunity for the game not to be over till its over or comeback football.
    --Stop clock after pretty much every play under 3 minutes with no more than 20 seconds comming off the clock per play thus packing a a quatre's worth of football into 3 minutes.

But as was demonstrated in 2006, these items aren't necessarily a fixture in the game. The kicking/return game effectively dissapeared with the introduction of a conservative blocking rule... the passing game was hampered by superior defensive schemes, a crappy game ball & the allowance of illegle contact on receivers away from the play.

All this left the CFL with over the NFL in entertainment value was the clock rules as far as I'm concerned. This is an item which could easily be adressed by the NFL by way of simply introducing a 20 second clock from a 'play-in' call under 2 minutes.

The CFL competition committee best look over these items and maintain the entertainment value of Canadian football.