I don't believe the Bills will come to Toronto. I prefer the CFL as it is a better and more exciting game. The only NFL team I watch is the Bills as they close to home. There have been fewer Bills games on TV this year as the Bills are not selling out their games in Buffalo but they are a profit ok team.The Bills already get local Canadian fans to their games. I believe the Bills owner is just trying to get a better financial deal out of the city of Buffalo. Who wants the Superbore instead of the Grey Cup?

What are you trying to say exactly..

If -big, shaky, tottering if- the NFL ever comes to Toronto, it WON'T be from an existing team relocating there; the owners are gonna hold out for someone w/deep pockets to pony up the expansion fees-especially since a Canadian team won't be bringing anything to the table vis-a-vis (man, I've been waiting to use that!) TV $$$-no ESPN/NBC/FOX/CBS affiliates in Canada.

TSN is owned by ESPN

Thanks, I didn't know that...however, that's still only one game per week; and it occurs to me that there are a lot of commercials that run on American TV-which their companies pay big $$ for to air on football games- which would be completely irrelevant in Canada.

The Rogers Centre is not a stadium that the NFL wants especially since it is used for baseball, it's a turnoff for them. Why Godfrey keeps lying in the press that the NFL will have a team in that stadium is beyond me, don't know the purpose of his intentional lies.

ESPN owns 30% of TSN

Yea, 30% sounds a little bit more accurate..

Well.. 30% is still almost 1/3. Thats quite a lot when you think of it.

not when you own the other 70

Simple cfl exicting nfl i would rather watch cricket

Most football fans prefer the CFL over the NFL. The CFL gets double to triple the NFL TV ratings in Toronto and S. Ontario...and thats including all those Canadians watching the NFL on American cable channels.

And I believe ESPN owns 20% of TSN, the maximum foreign ownership allowed by the CRTC.

....I for one am quite enjoying the NFL at this time of the year.....Go Eagles (only 'cause of Garcia)....Go Seahawks (fan since '78 )....

I also enjoy the NFL, specially when the CFL season is over. Heck its football !

Red .... Gah Eagles Gah

<----- proud Cowboys fan since '91

Geez Red, you must be my long lost brother! :wink: Good reasons! Have to agree with you.

Yeah CFL is my preference, but I'll be watching some of the NFL Games.

I seem to be enjoying the NFL more now that it seems like there is more CFL type play, love that west coast offence Philly uses. I don't know, maybe it's just me that the NFL seems to be more CFL like this year but I'm glad since when the CFL season ends with the GC, I still want more football.
Now that the Vikes our out I want the Eagles and Garcia to win (maybe my new team here for the NFL??) but also would like to see the Saints do well after what they went through last year.

Anybody catch what Madden said about what Westbrook mentioned that now in the NFL size isn't as important, it's more of a speed league. Nice.

Hmm you are right Earl. I've noticed the 10-7 games are a lot fewer than past years. If we could just get them to change the 40 second clock and fair catch, then they would have an even better league!

Also go to 3 downs as well and then more games go closer to the end to be decided. Would be nice to see these changes Sportsmen but doubt we will but in some respects interesting to see some differences I guess as it is now.

Baby steps Earl, Baby steps. I'll settle for the fair catch and 40 second clock..... the rest can come later! :wink: :wink:

Wheres Kanga? We should "sic" him on the NFL rules comittee since he likes change so much! :wink: :wink:

The NFL rules committee would not like us at all if we did that but have to admit, would be a sight to see kanga go at with them. :thup: