NFL vs. CFL: Kicks into the end zone

But it didnt happen.....
Had the ball been returned to the 35 then it would have been earned.
Seeing how it was not earned, it was bought....with a single point!

I have been wondering for a while if I should say this,

I say a field goal is a reward for missing a touchdown! :wink:

I disagree with that, I say that is the true reward for pushing deep into the defensive zone.

But if you make it all the way to the one and fail to get in, you get still get a 3 point reward with an easy field goal!

A field goal from the one yard line is tougher to get than you might think especially if you are kicking from either hash mark, making it a difficult angle. Converts are easy because they are kicking them from the center of the field. Make them convert a TD from the hash marks or outside, and see how many are missed.

Well it would be from the 8 but the point failed to get into the endzone!

If the kicker misses form there, then the ball usually sails out of the end zone, with no chance for a return-- if the receiving team cant field the ball, why give them a point for that?

Why give 3 for not making it into the endzone

You get 3 because your kicker earns those points, but he gets 1 if he misses!

He earned it by kicking it through the end zone. Its easier then a field goal therefor less points

Not always. :wink:

No not always.
And you dont always get a single on a missed field goal either

remember , the rule is for any ball kicked into the end zone-that should be changed to read any ball that is kicked into the end zone and returnable by the receiving team.

Let my use my NHL analogy now-- if you beat the goalie and the puck hits the goal post- the player doesnt get credit for it- its not even recorded as a shot on goal, nor is hitting the post even a stat. So why should a kicker be rewarded for missing an easy chip shot that flies throught the end zone?

Especially if you are Troy Westwood!

You continue to look at it as a reward and that is simply not the case....
Lets look at it this way.
Take out the posts and remove the field goal all together.

The only way to score is a touchdown or to kick it through the end zone.
What's wrong with that....There are 2 legitimate ways to score now. No field goals so no reward for missing them. Is there anything wrong with that system? No! The game is set up with 2 ways to score. That is how the game is played.

Now, lets add a third way. We put in 2 posts and if you can kick the ball between them you get 3 points..... The previous 2 methods are still valid.....

Why now is it a reward for missing the field goal when it was a single point before field goals even existed?(in my scenario)

Anyone know why there is no single point awarded on a kickoff that goes through the back of endzone ?

OK, so why then is the idea of a point for hitting the goal post so distasteful then?

I have often wondered that myself.
I do believe that there is a single if the returner touches the ball

If the returner concedes, single point, if the kickoff goes out the side, single point, but if it goes out the back end untouched, nothing, I havn't been able to figure that one out myself.

...because the world is a mixed up place piggy...the universe is like a jigsaw puzzle tumbling through time...some pieces fit together nicely while others are crudely jammed together in a childlike pure chaos out there buddy....