NFL versus CFL?

Not understanding this issue you're having with Canadians in the CFL.

Again if you don't like it. Don't watch.

You're just making yourself miserable on this forum.

I’ve explained the numerous issues I have with the ratio ( not Canadians) in the CFL to you many times. I know you disagree but don’t twist my words or erroneously state that I don’t want to see Canadians in the CFL. I am not doing likewise to you.

For about the fifth time I also don’t respect your statements that if I don’t agree with you (on Canadians) that I should take my ball and go home and not watch the CFL. I have never said anything remotely along the lines that I don’t want to watch the CFL. You can’t conclude from our difference of opinion that anyone who doesn’t agree with you hates the CFL. We have different thoughts on how to improve the CFL, or in your case, the position that nothing ever needs to change.

I also have no idea how the concept of miserable enters into it. It appears that you are overreacting and overreaching in response to an opinion different than yours. I thought that forums such as these existed in part for the expression of different opinions.

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I think that comes down to supply and demand, no? CFL teams are required to have Canadian players and being that there isn't the ample supply of quality Canadians versus Americans, the Canadians that do make a roster get better paid.


Absolutely. It may not apply as much or at all to a star Canadian such as Andrew Harris, but seems to especially apply to Olineman. Canadians can easily make $100,000 plus while an American Olineman that is equally as good or better makes the minimum or just above. So much for a free market!

Wouldn't it be better to pay a more talented player the money we pay Canadian O linemen? We would retain more talent given the same amount of money. The on-field product would improve and our league would have a better chance at thriving.

Nothing against Canadian linemen and we'd all agree to accept more money. But the system created this backwards situation that punishes the financial balance and talent retention in the league. Even if you increase the salary cap.

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True it's supply and demand. Buy this wouldn't be the case if our Canadian ratio rules were changed. So right now we are only artificially paying a high price for talent that should be cheaper. We don't have enough money as it is to be able to do this.

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