NFL versus CFL?

The NFL helped overrule the CRTC super bowl Ad ruling because they would rather have Bell Media's contract money (which is honestly peanuts) than to air the US ads on Canadian TV. (Assuming the US companies really don't care about this market).

So you're right. Too much to unravel and the Canadian TV market doesn't interest them. That's why the Blue Jays get buried (as do the Raptors) when in the playoffs.

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The cost to local taxpayers for a new stadium here in Winnipeg was supposed to be minimal. The Asper family started the ball rolling by pledging financial support in exchange for a chunk of the land where the old stadium stood. All three levels of government got on board and suddenly the only thing we had to figure out was where our new stadium would be built.

Fast forward a few years and with NO ASPER FUNDING the province had to foot a huge chunk of the bill. Then came the construction mistakes and the extra money needed to fix everything that fell apart due to the unnecessary rush to finish... and we had a hundred million dollar cost overrun. Still, it's a nice venue.

Local taxpayers got a way bigger bill than expected though. :thinking:


They always do. That's how these public capital projects work. You get one shot at it every 30-50 years and the contractors and the unions know this. If they drag their feet and run up extra costs and extra labor and drag the process out past due dates, there's nothing that the local govt can do because the alternative is to just stop the project and have a half a stadium built. And it's extremely difficult to change contractors that don't deliver what they say because the project is so big and there's not many options to do the job, and on top of that a different contractor will have to use the same labor anyways. So the project is guaranteed to be late finishing and well over budget. That's just the reailty.

BC Place new roof, way late and way over budget.
TD Place, over budget but cut the time frame close if I recall.
IGF way late and way over budget as explained above.
Percy Molson upgrade waay late (largely due to legal wranglings) and Wetenhall had to pay extra out of his pwn pocket.
Donut Box waaaaayyy late and over budget and it was the simplest design of all.
BMO football upgrades, not sure about these but by far the smallest project in this list.
Saskatchewan for some reason, on time and roughly on budget. :shrug: Not sure why.

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Saskatchewan learned from our mistakes. We showed them how NOT to do it.

EVEN SO I STILL LIKE OUR STADIUM!!! (I grit my teeth while saying this). :grimacing:

Can't say that I cared for the concourse at IGF but the spectator experience in the stands is second to none! :+1:


Everyone likes it. Most of our US visitors say it's 'cozy'. :smiley:

One of The highest in the world .

Telecom companies have argued Canada’s vast geography adds to the cost of delivering the network, but many countries with low population density comparable to Canada’s, such as Russia (52 cents) and Mongolia (74 cents), rank near the top.

The survey found, on average, Canadians pay $12.55 for a gigabyte of data (all prices are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated), ranging from as little as $2.40 and as much as $99 per gig.

What’s more, prices are dropping in most developed countries. Canada was the only G7 nation that saw its average price per gigabyte rise in 2020, according to the study, which also looked at numbers in 2019.

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Wow what a tremendous MNF game from Tennessee and Buffalo. Just an epic battle with SEVEN (7) lead changes.

Fantastic execution on all levels - - including the coaching - - by both teams. I can’t even fault McDermott for the failed 4th down gamble.

Football at its absolute highest level.

No CFL game this year has been even remotely close to this one tonight.

It was very entertaining tonight . I thought he had the first down already on the run before .

On the 4th down Allen may have slipped . No problem with going for it . With his size he should have had it .

The 3rd down run looked a lot closer in real time than it did in slo-mo replay.

Bills are accustomed to field turf so it’s not a huge surprise that Allen couldn’t get any footing and slipped on the natural grass.

Buffalo has four consecutive bye weeks coming up so they’re still in great shape for the season.

Could not agree with you more. This is the only explanation for why Rogers joined. Like I've also said, MLSE doesn't seem to be really supporting the Argos (please don't cite the odd bone they've thrown our way). Killing the CFL without outwardly killing the CFL and having the alibi of owning it's key franchise is the only reason. And even if it's only a remote chance of getting an NFL team, it's worth it for MLSE in their mind still to go for it.

It’s the old expression “if you can’t beat them - - join them and sabotage them.”

Let’s be honest, Rogers has ALWAYS done everything it could - - overtly and covertly - - to make things difficult for the CFL and the Argos in particular.

Only a naive fool could be duped into believing Rogers has suddenly had a change of heart and are now full on supporters of the CFL.

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It was a great MNF game. The thought that crossed my mind was how could we have less 2 and outs in the CFL to keep more flow?

Or are possession changes like what we see in Rugby and Soccer and should be accepted that there are so many. Because, I don't think that meets people's expectations for what they would consider a good game.

There are so many talented players that I refuse to use that as an excuse for why there seem to be so many 2 and outs.

Should we be trying a different formula here? Like 4 downs or something else to keep more offensive continuity?

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This is just an off year. The time off really hurt the quality of play this year. Ambrosie once said that he was open to experimenting with some rule changes/ modifications in the pre-season. I think that was back in 2018 if I'm not mistaken. Just an attempt to use 4 downs ,even in pre-season, would create a fire-storm with fans and media up here. Not sure what else they could do though. I don't mind the back and forth possession changes and see that as a positive for our league but this year has been pathetic with the amount of 2 and outs. So I'm seeing what you are as well. I think we'll see play back to the norm next season . IF not, expect some changes.


As I explained previously in this thread, it all comes down to QB play.

Too many terrible QBs in the CFL right now.

What is your ranking of QBs in the CFL?

Well Collaros and Fajardo have been looking good and BLM is getting back to form.
I think the problem is weak O-lines.

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I don't know many have complained about two and outs all my life . When the CFL game is played well it's great but it seems the execution to get to that level is not there as often .

Yes this year is bad but there has been many occasions that the game appears fragmented to the outsider of CFL and to those who watch it casually or is a die hard .

Always been a CFL first guy but the NFL has evolved from the run oriented to a entertaining balanced game .

I have never felt we should change the dimensions and other facets but really would like to see the game attempt to see what the game would look like with the extra down the NFL has to play with on offence .

The nuance of strategy of field position is a nice quirk but it doesn't move the needle for excitement . Cerebal part of the game is great but flow of the game is vital for today's attention span . Football has so many breaks in action already and it may be best to at least experiment with certain elements of the game like adding a down and seeing if it moves the needle of increased interest .

I no longer believe we should be so stubborn not to at least attempt to experiment with something that may prove to save the league our traditions / past with an addition .

If it's too overwhelming for the defence there maybe tweaks that can be inserted for instance the goal posts moved back . The NFL didn't move theirs back until 1974 .

They seem to evolve their game ; it's time we keep our game with the greater size dimensions of field etc .. but attempt to create a better coordinated offensive game for fan interest .

This should be attempted in exhibition form a number of times especially in preseason as it does not hurt any of the evaluations of players .

Mike Reilly is in a class by himself.

Then you’ve got a grouping of Collaros, Dane Evans, Jake Maier, Mitchell and Fajardo. In that order.

Cornelius is the most physically gifted QB in the league when it comes to his arm and his scrambling ability, so he’s got the best potential but until he can show the ability to read coverage and make smart decisions, he slots in here. But with upside to be the best in the league.

Following that is Trev Harris and Arbuckle - - serviceable but never going to carry their team to a championship.

After that it’s a couple of no talent hacks - - Jer Masoli, Bethel Thompson.

The rest are God-awful and clearly not pro level QBs - - Matty Shiltz, Scrub Nichols, Vern Adams, Dom Davis.

Doug Flutie three for 6,619yds in a season with only three downs.

Matt Dunigan threw for 713yds in a game with only three downs.

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