NFL versus CFL?

The NFL has the best players vis a vis their pay structure. But who has the most exciting game. CFL or NFL and why you believe so.

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CFL. They play until the clock actually runs down to zero and not shake hands and hug when there is over a minute of time on the play clock like the NFL does


CFL all the way. The bigger field, bigger endzones, three downs for more passing,
There’s no ridiculous fair catch rule, kick-offs are actually returned, and time between plays is shorter.
In the CFL, erasing a three score lead in the fourth quarter isn’t considered a miracle.


I could never understand why 80% of kickoffs, and 70% of punts where there are no returns is acceptable to the fans and the league. It’s such an exciting part of the game that’s ignored by the NFL.


The new short kick off in the NFL is absurd and looks childish for grown men to make such an unathletic style play where the ball never goes up in the air but rolls on the ground .


I’m not sure I understand this new short kickoff. Please explain.

Last year the NFL put in a new short kick off where it no longer goes up in the air . They believe it's too dangerous .

So the short kick is a wobbler grounder where they need to pounce .

Saw it work last year for Dallas . They somehow pulled it off .

But it looks so awkward and so odd compared to the old put it up and go and get it . Greased watermelon I think they call it .


Lame. I think many American football fans might like our brand of the kick/return
aspect of football if they saw it. Just as many would think it’s too different.


I should probably point out that 100% of the stats that I cited are unresearched, and probably inaccurate. I made them up according to my viewing experiences. Though I doubt they’re not too far off the mark.

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Most people in fact prefer the NFL. It says so in their income statement per team. That is objective and fact.

It baffles me why at least 6 Canadian ownership groups do not start their own Canadian 11-man/4-down/100 yard field league and compete with the CFL.

Justin Trudeau cannot interfere since both the CFL and the proposed new league are both Canadian. He can't ban it like in the 1970s with the WFL with the Toronto Northmen.

We like the uniqueness and pace of our game. It’s true that many Canadians prefer American football, but the two couldn’t co-exist.
Four downs and 100 yards is the devil.

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Canadian government HAS to allow another Canadian league to compete and replace the CFL if in fact they cannot coexist.

Thankfully we’re not communist yet. No government is stopping anything. Replacing a league that’s a century old and still chuggin’ along won’t happen any time soon.
Not on my goddamn watch.


“Don’t tackle me! I could get an ouchie! Fair catch pwease.”


The CFL is having trouble competing for players against NFL.

A Canadian version of the American game wouldn't be any better.

The Canadian version needs to be protected and promoted.


If you know about statistics, it doesn't let you draw a line in the sand and say on this side bad - this side better. There would be a blending of skill players between the 2 leagues. Your statement would also suggest that the NFL teams selection process is without error. Then your statement may hold true but they make many selection errors or players are released because of no room - spot taken, had an injury, and many more reasons. NCAA says 16,000 graduate every year from football. You just don't know what skill level is in that pool of players.

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You could very well be the person that says, "Oh my gosh! I really prefer the 11-man game after seeing it in person myself. How could I have duped myself all of these decades?!"

If a vast majority of Canadians prefer the NFL over the CFL, who is being protected? If after a few rounds of promoting and the population base still doesn't stick, what does that say?

I will say I prefer both the NFL and CFL games. For selfish reasons, I hope the CFL game remains (with these mandatory conditions of ... 3 divisions, 4 teams make playoffs, best-of-three semifinals, season begins in September, each team has a retractable roof for a regular season that ends in December) but I'm in the minority as well as the folks on this website. The market should determine who gets to stay and not the government.

An analogy: Do really want to see grocery stores in Canada stocked to the brim with bran cereal that is better for you that doesn't sell instead of Captain Crunch with Berries? Do you really want to cross over the border into the United States each week to pickup a box of Captain Crunch with Berries?

Like your idea of the playoff format and a retractable roof along with the rules staying the same.

The idea of who prefers which league over the other is always debatable at best.

It's not debatable who prefers which league -- the NFL has consistent and positive cash flow, the CFL does not. A consistent stream of positive cash flow is a result of customers returning to get more of the product/service being offered after ONE episode of promoting. The CFL promotes but the customers do not return and if they do return it is a residual quantity.

Think of it like cigarettes. I'm a non-smoker and MOST of the people I work with smoke. I'm screwed because the market doesn't support my needs. All of the promoting in the world does not get my coworkers to stop smoking -- lung cancer, facial wrinkles, etc.

That being said, the CFL can do better if they adopt my suggestions. If you can build a hockey/basketball arena with a roof, you can build football/soccer stadiums with roofs too. Retractable roofs that is so the fans can enjoy the sunshine before the weather gets bad. This means there's entertainment beyond hockey over the holidays -- November and December and into January for an indoor stadium Grey Cup.

Why is Canada always waiting for Dubai, some rich investor in the United States, or China to innovate? The indoor stadium thing can work. If a school (yes, I said a school!) like North Dakota State can build an indoor stadium why can't Canada build or refine their remaining 8 stadiums to have the entire league move indoors when the weather gets extremely cold in December/January?

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