NFL trick play fails big time

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NFL team tries trick play that has happened in CFL before, fails miserably.

I don't remember anything like this being used anywhere, at least not above the PeeWee level. The Ticats did something similar a few years ago with split tackles on the line in front of two running backs, but they still had the guards on both sides of the centre, and the QB was in the shotgun, not right under the tackle.

I can't imagine what they were thinking on this play. Were they hoping that the defence would be drawn offside? Or that the defence would somehow forget to cover the guy taking the snap, or at least drop off the line? Really hard to figure out.

The "centre" really should have taken the time count.

...I am sure that long time Indy fan Chief will concur that given how this year's edition of the Colts are turning out this was actually a designed play, even the part about all the guys to the right of the ball being offside...see, to beat a team like the Patriots you have to get in their head, make them think you are crazy insane...and a play like this does that....

The Colts were trying to draw the Patriots offside.
The play is designed for the centre to NOT snap the ball.
He forgot that part. :lol:

While it pops up in the NFL once every 4-6 years or so, and as noted above the goal is to get an offsides and not to actually run the play, it is pretty common in the college ranks. Typically it is ran for extra points, to see if they can get the defenders confused and then going for 2.

Most of the time, however, after lining up in the swinging gate, they will then re-align to a typical FG arrangement and just kick the XP.

And this is why the NFL guys make the big bucks? And they call the CFL bush league!

My coach ran something similar in highschool, we called it the Barton Breaker then. The whole idea is that you shift your players to the weakside, and the opposing team in the confusion, stays where the normal lineup position is. From there, your QB does a quick snap, lateral and in theory, with the whole line acting as blockers, just bowls over the weak side receivers and into the endzone leaving the rest of the defense out of position to make a tackle.

The problems with how the Colts did it is

  1. At the NFL level, players don't usually get confused and follow their player/gap assignments, like the Pats did, greatly limiting the effectiveness of the play, where it basically becomes a blatantly telegraphed glorified flood lateral.

  2. The QB needs to lineup in Shotgun to make said lateral because he has no protection, he needs the distance that buys him those few seconds needed to get the ball away. The colts didn't and thus the QB got creamed.

  3. You still need to line up 7 on the Line of scrimmage. They don't have to be next to the center (I don't think, NFL rules are probably different from Canadian Highschool rules) and the Colts failed to do so.

I don't even think the Colts had a QB under centre for this play. It wasn't Andrew Luck or Matt Hasselbeck. Maybe the third stringer?
And yes, they got flagged for not having 7 on the line of scrimmage.
I guess the linemen need to be close to the ball to get that right. :wink:

On a side note, I'm impressed with your French translation of your signature. :rockin:

Still better than a Sanchez butt fumble.

It's amazing what google translate can do.

We live in a country of two languages, it's only fair that we educate the consequences of opposing the Ti-Cats to the fine people of Quebec.

Il est incroyable de voir ce que Google peut faire traduire .

Nous vivons dans un pays de deux langues , il est juste que nous éduquons les conséquences de opposant les Ti -Cats aux braves gens de Québec.