NFL Topics

Just maybe the mods ( good job by the way ) should start to move these topics in the Other football league threads to avoid the crap that has been going on for the las t few days! This way people who wish to discuss this can go there and not hinder the real Football league discussion.
Are you in favor of the mods moving this material to the other football leagues thread!

uh we have been moving them

Go look!

yeah, move those threads! or delete them, cuz all this NFL talk is getting on my nervios!

So, you didn't read the post right above yours then.....

easy JM
His nervios are not feeling well

I hate it when my nervios are not well…

Me thinks he's been hanging out at his school's "Cafe Nervios-a" a lil too much. :lol:

Ro did you read my post in brackets about the mods! You do not understand my point. The last few nights is a good example! They do this to disrupt this very fine forum and it took somethime before they were moved. Just maybe next time they could be move a bit quicker! Take it easy big fella!

I understand your point.
To be honest its just that sometimes I get involved in the thread and dont think of moving it

See Kanga do not use psell check and they pick on you!

acturally, I kind glad that I didn’t, makes for some intreresting and funny reactions sometimes. Ro even stuck up for me!

No problem I do as well! But those four mutt heads were here for one purpose! But I have to say it was fun!

Thats because Ro likes you he really does! This is why he will let you bunk down in his hotel room at the GC! Nice guy Ro!

thanks, but no thanks Ro.

I am in favour of moving anti-CFL NFL-loving posters right off the planet.

Too many Juviniles posting on here these days.

I have found the last few days that my own desire to post or even just browse here has gone way down.

In fact, in General, I am finding that my total enthusiasm and enjoyment of both leagues has gone down some since I first found any of these internet forums.

Some by him a beer! Yes that was their whole agenda! Has any one checked the sportsnet forum I would bet these little kiddies came from there!

Dont mention it cause its never gonna happen

btw, have you cemented you bassmet yet? cuz you never know, I could be living there now!'s got a roomie!!!

Ro better dial the exterminator. :lol: