NFL to Toronto will never happen---- economical disaster here is why

Toronto will never host a NFL franchise or any other Canadian city here is why.

GTA is soon to be dismantled meaning all the districts that make up this large populated area (which is extremely fabricated) will reduce population and Toronto will be the #2 populated city in Canada. Municipal governments will be generating new revenue to assist the new funded governments (similar to the 70s -02 structure) Meaning by law Federal govt has to subsidize these communities and make sure they are properly looked after which will take at least 6-8 yrs. If you are unaware of this issue there are current government proceedings discussing the future of GTA and 2 municipal governments are already starting their own division for health and transportation. Forming the GTA was supposed to alleviate the communities but corruption and poor politicians have made it worse.

  • There is 0% chance any form of provincial, city, or federal government will give $$ to any professional sports franchise to build a sports venue or subsidize any owner. PERIOD!

  • Because of this, NFL franchise in Toronto will have to be owned by an extremely wealthy individual (by-laws forbid Rogers or MLSE to own franchise) that will have to make extreme financial deals with private investors and the only person in Canada that can accomplish this is David Thompson and he clearly is not interested in Sports other than the Winnipeg Jets (silent majority owner)

  • Any form of partnership to privately build a sports franchise would be almost impossible anywhere near the Toronto downtown area. A baseball stadium rumored to be built for the Blue Jays is contingent on revenue shared distribution from tax payers and the sell of Skydome land which Rogers believes is possible. But anyone familiar with the Blue Jays stadium situation is that this is years away from even a dream, due to the fact the Blue Jays owners would need the government to change zoning laws which would be tied up in court for years as city politicians have already been on record stating its less than 0% chance of this working out.

  • So lets pretend you are the owners of the Blue Jays and looking for a new stadium. How almost impossible it would be to get this done for yourself, and meanwhile someone you know works behind your back to accomplish building their own stadium for a new franchise. This is almost next to impossible. Blue Jays would get a stadium first and all resources would be tied-in to accomplish the development and there would be little to no more resources for a NFL owner to get a new stadium.

  • Zero chance multi-purpose facility is used for both MLB-NFL.

  • A NFL stadium would be approximately 65,000-70,000 and Toronto though appears to be a large city like New York or Los Angeles, it isnt. Its more like a Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia model city. Do you think Toronto could afford the ticket prices for a NFL franchise every game, every season, for years to come, no way. Maybe at around 30,000 fans a game but nowhere near 50,000, and definitely no where near 70,000. Tickets for a NFL game would have to range from $100-$500 and Toronto just does not have the people nor passionate fans to fill a NFL sized stadium. They cant even afford a Blue Jays game. Ticket prices for a 30,000-40,000 sized crowd averages $12-$60. Nowhere near the price of a NFL game.

  • Franchise value will burst. Raptors have a high franchise value due to USA tv deal and what USA franchises have sold for. However there is little to no market for a NBA franchise in Toronto where local ownership would value purchasing the franchise for its current price. The Maple Leafs are a massive regional-national brand with massive potential ownership interest, similar to the Blue Jays (which is why Rogers wants no part of the return of the Expos) Raptors has a ceiling that is ready to burst and a NFL franchise could literally be the demise of the Raptors.

All the talk of NFL owners discussing expansion is nonsense and after the St. Louis fiasco there is little to no chance the NFL bullies their local community for $$ to build new stadium anymore without legit cause. Expanding the league to London is a disaster waiting to happen, and the way the NFL operates it is possible they make the stupid move. However expanding to Toronto just wont happen cause it can not happen.