NFL to play regular season games in Canada

wow, i'd love to see a game here in toronto. i'd be there in a heartbeat.

When is the NFL ever going to take the hint??? CANADA IS NOT INTRESTED IN THE NFL!!! Just because TO has this idiot by the name of Godfery who will not shut up about the NFL doesn't mean the whole nation was in!!! CANADA HAS IT'S OWN LEAGUE, WITH TALENT ALMOST ON PAR WITH THE NFL!!! GAME OVER!!! BACK OFF!!!!

Maybe someday Godfrey will achieve his life long dream, and own the Bills, but he will never be able to move them to Toronto or anywhere in Canada CUZ THE CANADIAN GOVERMENT AND THE NFL BOG WILL BLOCK HIM FROM DOING SO!!!

The only reason that the WLAF was able to have a team in Montreal in the early 90's was cuz there was no CFL team there at the time, so it was out of their territory, and because the province of Quebec was so nuts about breaking away that their was no way for Ottawa to block the team.

Focus on Mexico, Germany, or UK, who are remotely interested. I recommend that they have their games in London and Berlin. But they better stop doing this with their regular season games, or die hard American NFL fans will lose confidence in their league.

Once again, NFL, for the last time, back off from Canada, they don't want you! AND DON'T YOU DARE TAKE ONE STEP IN AUSTRALIA!!!

i dunno bout that, mate. i went to a bills game a couple of years ago and there were many canadians there. i spoke to a few of them and asked them about the cfl. they didn't think very much of it, to be honest.

They are in the minority, and are NFL lovers who should move to Buffalo as far as I'm concerned

Yes they are in the minority. And you are always going to have negative people on either side of the fence. Really doesn't say that much nor do those people represent the entire nation of Canada.

i am sure they do not represent the entire nation. i like football, so i like watching the cfl. the canadians were a rowdy bunch, we wound up hanging oooout with 2 girlsd from some town north of "tronno." i notice that that is how canadians pronounce toronto. anyway, they were pretty militant anti cfl people. the one chick called it the childrens football league. now i know that is bs, but she did in fact say that.

by the way i see often in these forums this talk of whther the cfl is more exciting thanm the nfl because of the different rules. i don't think the different rules have much to do with it. i say that because there is no football more exciting than ncaa football. look at the texas-usa title game last year. that can not be topped, whatever the rules are.

Certain NCAA football games are exciting, such as the Texas-USC game. But some NCAA games can be boring, especially with all the stoppages in play and when the score is 50-3.

the college games move faster than nfl games. no 2 minute warning. no score, timeout, kickoff, timeout garbage that the nfl pulls.

But each game takes 3 1/2 hours to play, sometimes over 4 hours. Both the NFL and the CFL try to keep games a lot shorter.

It is very interesting if it is close and it is two good teams, but when it's a blow-out it gets boring to watch. And with the non-parity in NCAA football a lot college games are blow-outs.

However I would love to attend a Michigan-Ohio State game in Michigan. Sitting with over 100,000 fans for that game would be awesome.

huh? no score?

Question: did you see the 2005 GC? that was the greatest GI football game ever.

CFL is Better, nuff said.

I think lots of tickets will sell if there was a regullar season gam in Canada no mater wutt team plays.

Canadian football is more exciting because of the number of downs. Talent wise, the CFL can’t compare (simply because of salaries). The main problem with the NFL is over half the games are blow outs, there’s too many penalties, and the game seems to drag…

NFL... exciting. :lol:

Canada isn't intrerested in the NFL, Nuff said, NFL, see ya later, bye bye!


Case in Point

I like the NFL

yeah, but you don't LOVE it do you?

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