NFL to play in Canada?

Here is the link.

If the NFL can play in Canada then i want CFL to play in the US.

I am someone of the opinion that having an NFL regular season game in Canada does nothing but help football in general, which is great. We have so much hockey, hockey, hockey that having another football game is great to me, not that I will go, I won't since I get all I need from going to all TiCats games, but for those that don't go to CFL games but need the "NFL hype", well, if they take in an NFL game instead of say doing something else that day, they might find that going to a football game is just one heck of a lot of fun, watching guys get crunched and balls flying around etc. Some of these people may need a shove in the behind with the big NFL exposed names but maybe from that, they might say "football is good, maybe I'll take in a CFL game next week."

I know some of you think I'm crazy and nuts but this is the way I'm thinking about this at any rate.

And yes Peter, we should stage an ex game in the States, and play up the Americans from that area where the game is being played. Maybe won't be a huge attendance but who knows, every bit of exposure is good I think.

Hang on what...i thought you just said you get enough football from watching the ti-cats. :wink:

Ah, you got me there Billy Joel, I'll admit, but we're playing better, watch out, we are the team of the future (hoping anyways). :?

A few years ago there were some nfl pre-season games played in Montreal and Toronto.

we just gotta make sure no one turns up to the game.... or those that do, dont bother cheering during there commercial game interspersed with a football break

-no thats not a typo

The NFL is coming to CAnada? First off, who cares?

And second. It's not coming to Canada. Its coming to Toronto. Who think the Americans love them for some reason. Even though most Americans don't even know where Toronto is.

What'd be funny if the NFL said they were going to play a game in Canada, but chose Vancouver or Edmonton instead! I'd love to see the look on goofy Paul Godfrey's face!

Actually, that's not a very humane thought berezin what you say about Paul Godrey learning that another Canadian city got a game, I mean the poor guy would absolutely have a heart attack on the spot, which none of us would want, would we? :wink:

Sorry Paul, just kidding here of course (I think).

ex games yes, regular season games, no, I have no idea why the NFL is doing this and ticking it's american fan base off.