NFL TNF Saints vs Cardinals game thread

almost game time

the cards are wearing their amazing all black unis and black helmets. looks so :fire:

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i think marshawn lynch is going to wrestle a crocodile

Beast mode is not that beast . Lol.

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seriously, it was on some pregame thing. he didn’t wrestle but he was cruising the everglades looking for them

i watch this pregame show entirely on mute because my brain adds it’s own commentary while i’m doing other stuff til game time

Tuned in in time for that segment. A little strange since the game is in Arizona not New Orleans.


lol Fitz’s beard is so nasty. he has that beard-to-neckbeard-to- chest hair pelt thing going. i bet Fitz has like the most unreal back hair. dude is a bigfoot for sure.

Still having connection issues so don’t know if I’ll be able to watch but will check in.

I’m pretty sure he was spotted in another thread then.


i actually lol'd there

oh yea saints have a run game

i love those cards helmets so much :star_struck:

I think I saw a little pink hand poke out and wave "Hi" in pregame....

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omg what did i just see saints TD 2 minutes in

what a throw by drew dalton lol

Nice play for the long Touchdown pass. Just wish it was to Olave, for fantasy football purposes of course.

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just because they want a flag doesn't make it a penalty. im good with the no pi call

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Hopkins had more of a hold on the DB than the DB did on him.....dumbass wants a flag. If they did throw one it would be for OPI...


that guy has been down on the field for a while. he must be pretty hurt. dudes are kneeling so thats a sign it could be serious.

2 guys carted off already, one from each team

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thursday night games are especially brutal

i still can't believe JJ watt is still going

i think i see a bigfoot playing defence for cards

int in the endzone. stops the saints drive.

nice run!!! benjamin 45 yards

state farm stadium or whatever its called looks large and impressive

That is a gorgeous building.

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oh i thought murry could have gone in for the td. nice run on 3rd down tho

omg hopkins has massive dreads. he looks like that jedi ahsoka from mandalorian

oh look the saints are playing catch. lol at the guy flying through the air to miss the tackle

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