NFL TNF Ravens vs Bucs game thread

looking forward to this one. Lamar vs Brady. those nice ravens helmets against some pirates.

mmm beer :beer::football:

woah LJ has more rushing yards than the entire Buc’s offence combined.

oh yea Al Michaels doing pbp. i hope i can stand the audio for the whole game.

I wanna tie game.

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omg the dude ran into his own returner and he fumbled

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That wasn't a 'fair catch'... it was an awful catch.

bucs d with a good stop to limit the damage to a fg

The Ravens continue to suck inside the 20.

Getting 3 when you start on the 6 yard line... Scary

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why are the purple crows not playing superior to a goat and some pirates?

it’s like Hitchcock’s birds vs pirates of the caribbean

Maybe that have parrotphobia

Brady should stop being Brady

the blackbirds are playing like sparrows

lamar should have kept running

i don’t care how much they’re paid i imagine being an NFL punt returner or running back is scary as hell

they must so some unreal drugs just to function lol

Pffft. If the NFL is nice to us maybe we'll show them how to return punts.

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haha true. i hate fair catch rules

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How can you say that? Parrotphobia is a deadly disease that causes internal organs to dissolve into bloody mass of gore and death. Or is that Ebola? I keep confusing the two.

the purple crows d with an important stop
10 - 3 for pirates

Stop drinking Scotch, or at least slow down. Let the brain cells catch up

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Only a few more left to kill...

If you switch to rum for one day the brain recovers. Proven medical phenomenon

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Shhh. Not so loud. I'm planning to take them by surprise.