NFL TNF Eagles vs Texans

loving the Texans' all red jerseys and helmets.

the eagles helmets are as beautiful as always and they will probably win.

red texans have marched to the eagles goal line on the first drive and they are in for the td.

It's a good thing they got 7 after having the ball for over 5 mins (5:23 to be exact) to drive 75 yards.

Must be a lot of traffic :joy_cat:.

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oh my goodness there was an actual kick off return. then it is negated by a penalty lol

those red texan helmets look very christmasy, like they should be hanging from trees

Every time I think a team is a lock this season - they are time for the Eagles to change that.....hopefully.

I will keep an eye on this but the Oilers are playing NJ at home tonight so.....

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Eagles march on their first possession as well. 18 play drive to tie the game.

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A lot of 3rd and longs in that drive....

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and a 4th and goal too!

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Nice stunt nets a turnover...

Eagles are taking control of this game. now that they have the lead i doubt they will relinquish it.

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And the Jets are playing the Habs. I just can’t get excited about the game tonight given what is in store in both leagues on Sunday.

Yeah, I think the turnover flipped Hurts compete switch.
Texans are a good young team but lots of rookies. Always hard to prepare for because you don't know what they will tie the game....

looks like Texans tied it up before half time. can’t believe how long that review is taking. looked like a good catch to me. the red christmas tree decorations are tied with the green christmas tree decorations :christmas_tree: oh there are still 37 seconds left in the half for the eagles. and they end the half with a missed fg.

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Well....tied at the half. I figured this would be a I said in another thread though, when a 7-0 team rolls into town you don't have to do a lot of motivating.

I thought it would be a clunker too and still could be. I didn’t pick it for the pool because everyone would have picked Philly.

Kinda what expected at the half, Eagles are pulling away....hard to get over here from the Oilers game. Only been about two or three whistles a period....

yes Eagles are in control now in 4th quarter

Mills goes down like a Soccer player there for the RTP.....

Jets just beat the Habs 3-2 in OT!!!!


Oil up 2 after 2 tonight rocking the Retro jerseys after the Oilers HOF inductions tonight.

Mistakes piling up for the Texans.....

Definitely looks like they have some good pieces for the future though too.

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