85,000 People in Wembly stadium to watch a NFL game.They said on TV here that the nfl comish said expect London to have a NFL team soon.I didnt know the nfl has a english fan base too put 85,000 people in a stadium.

Hey, what about Toronto? I guess why the NFL isn't touting Toronto is because they are having a hard time selling tickets for the Bills, seems to be the reason I guess. :lol:

I thought Toronto was never considered too me.The only ones who talk about nfl in canada are the canadians not americans

They can't even give away enough tickets to fill the Rogers Centre!!!!!!!! :lol: :rockin:

London? seriously? they couldn't even make the WLAF/NFLE work there.

who would be the owners and pay the money to fly the team to the USA?

its a money pit waiting to happen.

It's only the media in Toronto that talked about it. It is perquisite in Toronto to be part of the sports media, you need to be a toolkit. It was obvious the NFL had no interest in Toronto. The NFL set up games in London and Mexico City, but not Toronto (The NFL has nothing with the Bills in Toronto). Yet we had to listen to these guys blab about how the NFL revolves around the Centre of the universe (aka Toronto)

dont think its really going to work that well
i went to it , it has the feel of a superbowl about it , not that ive ever been to one
but its just to far for teams to travel

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said: "I think it would be hard to commute back and forth to London."

And veteran Adalius Thomas added: "It was fun, and had the feel of a Super Bowl but it's a long way to travel."

I would mind a super bowl and/or pro bowl being hosted in London at least once, idk who would profit from it but I guess all 32 teams would share the profits from it, but that’s about as far as the bunny hole will go.

I bet most came because one of the teams had the word ENGLAND in it. :lol:

Why would anyone want that brand of boring football in their city?

as an irish man most definetly not

Better London England than Toronto Canada

who knows, I was mostly being sarcastic.

I'M THE SOUTHERN THE PLAce where the best football player ever are born

yeah which one ???

Speak for yourself feinian...

They have a week between games, it's not like they are going by steamship....

The teams complain about time zones now, just wait when they have time and jet lag!

For the east coast teams it would be no different than travelling to say Oakland or San Diego. It would be more of a problem for West coast teams (and the LDN team going to the west coast)

it's just not gonna happen, peroid. A Super Bowl in London, sure, a NFL team, that's out of the question.

They don't even have a team in Canada or Mexico, not even Hawaii for god sake!

Its almost the same distance from Hawaii to San Francisco as it is from New York to London....