NFL Team Offering Free Beer

Is NFL invincibility cracking just a little?

Will we see Toronto based media pumping stories about the weakness of the NFL? :smiley:

Jaguars are pumping free beer for people in order to put bums in the seats. ... y-tickets/

Yeah, you have to get drunk to make the NFL to be not so boring!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

:roll: :roll: :roll: Think they will be ok ! Their TV deal alone is all they need. All american pro franchises cater to their fans, with drink deals and give away's. CFL clubs could learn a thing or two on how to market to their fan base !

Kasps, think irony my friend. Of course they will be okay! The thread isn't about the Jags, it's about Canadian media.

Free beer...but it's $5 a whiz. Remember boys, you don't buy just rent it!

....If they're offering that carp they call beer :lol: wonder it's free....That stuff should be a give away...Fans down there lap it up though...Now if they were giving away our suds for might not get any of them out of the park... :lol:

How true! Not knocking the NFL, but after watching an exciting CFL weekend with all the drama, excitement and multiple swings of momentum...the American game looks pretty tame by comparison (even with free beer!). Just too many stoppages in play and dead plays (punts, kicks, QB spikes to stop the clock, etc.) While there's little question the NFL gets the elite football players, their game makes a bit of a mockery of football compared to the Canadian game, rugby or even soccer.

bobo, nice work! :thup:

The thing is when teams have to give away free beer and ton of giveaways that says there team is not a strong enough appeal which some would say maybe they should move.

Reminds me of the time I was in Los Angeles and went to a Dodgers vs Expos game (Long time ago). We were walking up to the ticket window when this guy offered us two free tickets in the "beer free" zone. I thought he said "free beer" zone.

Longest ball game I ever attended. :cowboy:

True story. Unfortunately the only Expos game I ever got to see.

The Ticats are offering "free" non alcoholic beer and drink and food at the new TTHF next year. That's if you buy a Club Seat ticket. Free beer if you buy into a suite. Is that desperation or just good marketing.

For the Jags, I guess they don't want to slip below 60,000 attendance. One of the smallest, poorest markets in the NFL with a bad team. Let's hope they do well because their owners are probably going to be fighting with the Bills to see which one gets to relocate to Toronto and that huge, rich market where the fans will pay $120 a ticket and they will pay $10 for a small beer - no give aways to get Toronto fans to attend an NFL game.

and you say your not a troll, your either a troll or the dumbest man alive

Buying a suite is one thing as they cost thousands so giving perks like free beer i see no issues for that but if teams offer free beer and food for anyone who buys a ticket that is when you know there is a issue pay $20 for a ticket but eat and drink for free teams would lose big money.