NFL Team In Toronto: Bills, Saints, Or Jaguars?

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This almost just in on the NFL website ...

the answer is none of the above..

because Toronto will not be getting a team.

I was wondering when this post would show up here. Every sports radio show down here in the States has devoted a segment to it. It was funny hearing the commentators admit that they have no idea what time of year the CFL is even played.

I believe there is room for both clubs to coexist in Toronto, but with the plans to lower the field at Rogers in order to make more room for seats, that means a smaller field. Unfortunately, the writing is on the wall for the CFL in Toronto. I don't think it's all doom and gloom for the CFL as a league, though.

Personally, I don't think it would negatively effect the CFL.

The CFL franchise could relocate to the Maritimes, or Quebec City starting as a new franchise, like the Baltimore Ravens when they moved from Cleveland. The attendance for the franchise could only go up (IF, it's a big if, those cities build stadiums). The CFL would still be the only football going on in the other markets and Toronto would be in the league that their citizens mostly want to be in. It seems like a win win for Toronto and the CFL.

The Jaguars could ditch their own history and adopt the Argonauts history like the Baltimore Stallions did when they moved to Montreal. US Football would only be the 4th sport the Argonaut club has participated in during it's long and storied history; Rowing, Rugby, Canadian Football, and US Football.

There are, of course, two major problems.

A) What Happens to Hamilton?

B) What about the Bills? Los Angeles?

That article is a nothing article, just Ford blowing smoke. If the Bills build a new stadium, it's lights out for any team in Toronto since Buffalo and Toronto are basically the same region. It just won't happen if this is the case. Ford is playing politics to make himself look big, and he is big. :wink: What he should be concentrating on is a new home for the Blue Jays as that is what they'll need eventually to survive, a more intimate baseball venue specific venue. If that is, he cares about the Jays which he may not.

That being said, part of me would love to see the Argos move to a smaller city like a Quebec City or Moncton and really be a much larger part of the community than they are in the largesse Toronto where many things Canadiana get lost in the shuffle there among the quest for "bigness" if you will. With the TiCats getting basically a new stadium, I think it might be a good thing for the Argos to move elsewhere and concentrate on the TiCats beings southern Ontario's CFL team and representative in the league and sole team in the region to be able to capture the Grey Cup.

Come to think of it, the NFL might be publishing this just to try and get Buffalo to get motivated to build a new stadium as I believe that is where Goodell's heart is, he is from upstate NY and the Bills are the only team in the State that actually plays games in the state. You would think, and I've heard this suggested, he will do his utmost to keep the Bills in Buffalo. I can see the NFL using Ford as a mouthpiece that he is for the purpose of getting Buffalo into high gear to build a stadium. That would be a very smart move, when you have a politician that loves to yoddle like Ford likes to, well use it to your advantage.

Here's a well written response type article on the NFL site.

So-called Toronto NFL plan has flaws beyond reason

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And Mr. Ford, the NFL definitely can afford to ignore the Toronto market if the league can work without a team in Los Angeles. Also, the NFL isn't ignoring the huge Toronto market by wanting to have Buffalo build a new stadium, Toronto IS Buffalo in that case. You might not like to hear that but that is the case I'm afraid.

There is one scenario Earl that you may be overlooking and for which I think most folks would disagree with me including definitely as usual CFLIsTheBest.

Ford acknowledges that LA is the first priority whatever happens in Buffalo, for there is considerable resistance to moving the Buffalo team.

Then the spotlight goes to Buffalo to either fishing or cutting bait with regard to their new stadium that they'll have to figure out how to pay for in a highly taxed state with an economy that has been in the dumps for about three decades already.

Let's say, as I think will happen, that first the NFL weakest link that is Jacksonville moves to LA.

The Toronto sweepstakes will begin anew for BUSINESS considerations from those with the capital and connections to bank on Toronto's looming prospect as not only the fifth largest Metro area in North America, but also subtantially to corner the NFL market in Canada.

The bottom line, akin to Buckeye's fine comments, is that there is enough interest, prospects, and resources in the hands of the right people to make NFL Toronto happen and it will.

The only question is when with the LA and then Bills' questions having to be answered beforehand all the same.

The Ford brothers are definitely scum.

Fair enough Paolo. Sure, anyone realizes that if the NFL had a choice, they would rather a team in a city like Toronto rather than a city like Buffalo or Jacksonville for that matter, maybe a couple of other current NFL cities as well. I can appreciate that. Business is business, you're right. But if Buffalo does secure a new stadium, I think that means basically no NFL team in Toronto, correct?

No for now, but the way Ford is talking, I'd say there is a still a far more serious push than I had thought regardless of what happens in Buffalo due to the business potential.

If Ford et al are prepared to meet with the NFL right now but await to have the LA matter resolved, they are prepared to meet with the NFL no matter what happens in Buffalo.

You're saying if Buffalo builds a new stadium that Toronto could still have a team? Well I suppose the NHL has a team in botb cities, true enough. That would be a lot of money spent on football stadiums fairly close to each other. But as a football fan, that is a good thing. At least all Nfl teams make good money, unlike many MLB teams.

Who knows what will happen, but it appears either the Ford brothers et al have something in store.

I don't buy the comments below that these claims are all hot air and political bluster; where there is smoke and demographics like that there is some real fire.

Despite somewhat proximity to Buffalo and as implied in the article, it is not just speculation and hearsay the Toronto metro area is big enough, let alone considerably more prosperous, on its own to court such a team.

The facility is one question to be resolved, but for sake of any initiative to include plans for a new one, that won't be the show-stopper.

I doubt this campaign goes away whatever some folks might think of those politicians, but something tells me it will be no earlier than 2015 before a real serious discussion takes place with the NFL once the situations with the other two cities are sorted out.

On a related note, it looks like the Vikings are working out some deal to stay in Minnesota, so they won't be in play.

I'll affirm to you that an improved financial situation for not necessarily a troubled franchise, but for a troubled US jurisdiction subsidising that franchise might force the issue.

By 2015 given what lies in store for most places in the US for sake of regional economies, owners and/or teams in smaller or heavily publicly-subsidised jurisdictions such as Indianapolis, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Cincinnati could be lured to a more stable area such as Toronto for sake of economic growth notwithstanding the far greater population and likely more favourable demographics.

What really surprises me about Ford is where he mentioned about digging the Skydome er RC, down to add some 15,000 seats I think he was mentioning. What a slap in the face to the Blue Jays. The stadium already lacks an intimacy that baseball needs/deserves and doing something like that would make the park even more aka old Veterans Stadium in Philly like. I gather he's not much of a baseball or Blue Jay fan.

What suprises me is the city does not own the Roger's center, so how does he think he just go in and takeover to renovate it? Plus, where is going to get the hundreds of millions to do it? I know they call Toronto the "Big Smoke", but come on!!!

Rogers does own the Rogers Centre, though, and Rogers seems pretty keen on getting the NFL to Toronto. I'm sure they'd be very open to discussing renovations, should the Fords' scheming ever amount to anything.

What a joke of a news article ... first of Ford should not mention any team names that MAY MOVE .. even in the article it shows how silly he sounded spouting off the saints name ... i doubt the Jags are going to move anytime soon either ..

There are 2 cities that will not get an NFL team anytime soon or very easily and they are Los Angeles and Toronto

As I mentioned any talk of making the RC bigger towards any form football is a direct shot at one of their own teams the Jays. At least tje Argos could move East in all probability and stay here in our country. Again as I say I doubt Ford gives crap about the Jays. Sort of sad. Argos are different will stay here at least or allow.the Cats to represent s Ontario.

Definitely wrong on LA with way too much at stake there for a team to not move by 2015 -- on Toronto it is more of a project no matter what happens to the Bills.

What is at stake there ???? the city wants a 35 year commitment before they will sign off on any construction for a stadium ... thats kind of a risky venture for an owner to move to LA ... will that just be the next team that moves out?

thats kind of like putting another team in ottawa .. it's been done with over and over why will this time be any different

but really whats a stake?

How is that a direct shot at the jays? i mean really? they cannot share? seems to me a few MLB and NFL teams have had no trouble sharing a stadium