NFL talks international including Canada

Head of NFL spoke after record crowd in Mexico. He said league plans to have one to two international regular season games per year. Said leading candidates for next year are London and Toronto.

Please, god, let it be in London.

amen to that. Somehow I don't think 54,000 at RC is picturesque enough for the NFL's big hype machine. On the other hand, I'd love Toronto to host it and embarass the NFL by having only 40,000 in attendance - 10,000 of whom coming from the northern NY area of course.

Yeah, 40 000 would be great...for the CFL. I have nothing against the NFL (I dont care for it, I just have nothing against it), I just don't think that the Argos would be able to compete with an NFL team, and as the CFL doesn't have too many teams as it is, the loss of a team (Not to mention the team in our biggest city), would be a huge blow to the league. I want to see the CFL expand, not get smaller. I really hope they go with London, and if they DO go with Toronto, I hope it does poorly.

Put a couple of teams in that absolutely no one in Toronto cares about, like say, Seattle and Houston, and it will be a guaranteed bomb. Put Buffalo in the game, and they will sell a certain amount of seats to NY state, like the earlier post said. The other side of the coin is they could be saying that to appease Paulie Numbnuts (Godfrey) and have no intention of bringing a game to Toronto. The stadium isn't NFL standards.

Screw Godfrey.
Riders Rock!! (I've been away for a couple of days....I figure I might owe a couple of days debt payment)

That has already happened , and that was for 30 $ Canadian , a ticket. :lol:

3 times. :roll: and 1 time in VAN.

How much would a NFL regular season game at the R.C. , really cost?

Just to break even...........the tickets would have to be over 120$ per seat for the whole stadium.

The NFL, isn't about breaking even.

London , where you have NFL EUROPE and NO other PRO football team........and a 100,000+ seat stadium.......... :smiley:

Which would you choose , IF YOU WERE THE NFL? :roll:

Right on HelloThere. I wouldn't go if the tickets were $75.00 (And I don't for Canucks games priced at that either)

Hopefully the NFL will schedule Houston Vs Arizona so they can really draw poorly and finally put Paul Godfrey out of OUR misery.

I seem to barely remember the Big O having an NFL exhibition game several years ago that drew about 35000. I think it was Cleveland and somebody, maybe the Giants.

The NFL probably thinks of Godfrey as a whiny kid and made that statement just to shut him up.

lol....... :lol: :lol: :lol:

The NFL is NOT stupid......they do check attendence , T.V. ratings on other football leagues. RIGHT now in CANADA, the NFL doesn't even come close.

And the reason that they haven't come back here was because , those EX games all bombed.

The NFL wants people to like any football because they get the spill off.
That is why they helped the CFL in the first place.

The NFL is already huge. I don't think they need a canadian expansion. I don't think they need ANY expansion. But London would be ideal for NFL Europe. What's this about the NFL helping the CFL?

During the CFL's dark days , they lent the CFL 3 million dollars to help out SASK. and other CFL teams.They also have player agreements.There is also NFL CANADA.

The NFL gets how football is important to both cultures and if the CFL was gone , they might lose SOME football fans in CANADA.

London had a team in NFLE, it DIED!!!

Maybe they should play a game in Stadium Australia in Sydney, Australia, the Sydney sides would love that, Melbourners too, another thing to make fun of Sydney abou.

One of my friends in Mel in a NFL fan (and soon to be a CFL one :smiley: ), he wouuld go to it if the Falcons and Vick are playing.

Me thinks it has more to do with American anti-trust laws!

"See mister judge, we do not operate in an monopolistic fashion, there are other professional football leagues around......"

Unlike baseball which is exempt from American trust laws! Ever wonder why the Major Leagues have so many teams open and close? Just see whom gets the start up fee's!

They had a preseason game in Australia a couple years back, and I think they had another in Tokyo not too long ago.

Realistically, Sky Dome is too small for the NFL, and if the Canadian Dollar bombs in the next year, there is no chance they will come close to the border. Buffalo's the limit. No team is going to gamble with there own attendance to visit Toronto. Arizona gets about as many folks a game as Edmonton, so going to Mexico couldn't hurt until the exchange rate. However, how many other teams are going to lose 70 000 fans for one game so they can appear before a maximum of 54 000 in a country with a weaker currency.

Finally, a game in Toronto I don't believe would outdraw the Argo's. The price would probably be too high for most people, if they were interested.

Living here in the Center of the Universe, they wont tell you the truth, but here is "The Rest of the Story". The last two Xibiton games at the Skydump literally drew flies. Oh yes, they will tell you how the last one I beleive the official announced crowd was something like 43,000. Upon closer inspection, the NFL with the 'Dump" agreed to keep the prices low with the average around $30, still could not sell for the Cleveland vs (I forget the other team). Anyway, Budweiser and NFL gave away by attempting to paper the house to all of the local bars mega tickets. The same happened for the Xibition game before. The game was so bad something like 13-7(your typical No Fun Leage game) that it was nearly empty by 3 quarters.

........maybe Tag meant London Ontario?.......just to piss Godfrey off more....

What a bunch of wankers PAUL, some in the TORONTO media , and GLOBAL are. Here is why?

GAME # 1.............Clevland vs. New England , announced attendence ........33,000+ ........price : 50$ Canadian a ticket.

Ticket sales were so bad , that NFL great JIM BROWN and PAUL T. [NFL Commish] had to make a special trip to TORONTO , to hype the game. It didn't work.

I listened to it on the RADIO and " well JIM how many people you think have shown up? " .......the other guy..... " well it looks HALF FULL " .........the other guy says...... " it looks more half empty to me " :lol: :lol: :lol:

  1. GAME # 2...........BUFFALO and DALLAS.........30$ Canadian a ticket......annouced attendence 54 , 000+ ........score , 12 to 6.

JIM TADDY from SPORTS LINE who is a real GOOF , lied to his own audience saying that " the first NFL EX game was NOT offically sanctioned by the NFL " :roll:

Then why did JIM BROWN and PAUL T. , have a press conference about the 1 st game.?...... :lol: :roll: :lol:

The BILLS offered their season ticket holders a 30$ Canadian ticket [or maybe for free] for this game , " see the BILLS and TORONTO. "

MARTY YORK..........ya him! Was working for the GLOBE at that time......wrote.

" NFL GAME IS ALREADY SOLD OUT " :roll: The only problem with that , was THAT the article was written BEFORE tickets even went on sale to the public.......I knew that the NFL was popular at that time , but even that was a neat trick.............A SELL OUT , before tickets go on sale????

NO one in the TORONTO media looked into any of this and excepted all of this as fact.The only person to question it was JIM HUNT , OF THE SUN.

The TORONTO media acted like a bunch of hics , falling all over these AMERICAN GODS , and at least one reporter wrote " maybe the ARGO PLAYERS should carry the NFL players , BAGS " :roll:

GAME # 3.........same thing , but NO SELL out and finally the TORONTO media started catching on. :smiley:

That is WHY the NFL hasn't returned to TORONTO , but they still go to TOKYO and MEXICO every year. :wink:

Agree hellothere, the media morons or pimps, save and except Jim Hunt, could not hold them selves back from falling over each other. You are correct the worst is Jim Taddy and the Global NFL wannabees. Anyway, with all the free/paper the house tickets, still could not draw flies.

the media wants to be so american…unsatisfied until we got MLB and the jays…then thats not good enough…we need NBA…now we need NFL to be “world class”…what a joke…they can take thier NBA back, and dont bother bringing the NFL here.