NFL signings that might affect the CFL draft

I think most would agree with the previous recurring comment so I have no idea what the point is of making such a comment repeatedly people can just agree with you more and more or what the heck dude? :roll:

Anyway any thoughts from anyone on the signings of Reinders by the Browns, with the entertaining YouTube video of him below, and Ihekwoaba by the Detroit Lions on an even more successful basis?

I wonder of Gogogos is around too for his views on them, as he probably saw them both in action at E-Camp too.

And any other news on any Canadians signed by the NFL or who are on their way back to Canada other than Sisco?

Sisco only ran a 4.5 40 meter dash and I dont think thats good enough too get him on the colts

It would if he were a middle linebacker. As a receiver, not so much.

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just an interesting article explaining thats not always about how people score on stupid tests that they do.

straight from an all star’s mouth… doug brown.

interesting read.

makes sense too.

4.5 ELECTRONICALLY TIMED (not stopwatch times) is fast enough for an NFL receiver with solid hands and route-running crispness, and the NFL is even more lenient with taller receivers with longer arms, bigger hands, and/or hops. Plenty of guys drafted ran 4.50 flat or slightly better, and few who can run under 4.40 flat AND have solid hands exist anyway.

For a little guy by NFL standards like Sisco, running that time flat makes him on the margin but that is far from the only criterion.

If Sisco or any receiving prospect were to run even .01 faster ELECTRONICALLY timed, believe me the history shows it counts for a whole lot with the scouts. Note as well that NFL conditioning is superior to college conditioning, so some of these guys improve in their rookie season.

Not a signing or anything but the Falcons are set to work out University of Guelph K Rob Maver, the fifth overall pick of last weekend's CFL draft.

maver himself said he’s commited to the stamps and is just going down there as a learning experience.

Such a line as a negotiation tactic before the negotiation even starts after the tryout would be nothing new. It's not surprising how the money talks all of a sudden when it's for real.

Maver and his agent are just putting themselves in a win-win position with that line at the very least whether or not it's entirely true.

In case anyone is interested, an interview with Shawn Gore in GB

I think the CFL should mandate that if players are to attend E-Camp, they must commit to the CFL team that drafts them.
Seems to me a guy like Cory Greenwood gave conflicting messages to the Argos about his plans.

It's ridiculous that these guys get an all expenses payed trip to Toronto, just to screw over the teams. For example, Kristian Matte, who only when he arrived said he wouldn't take part in drills because he was saving himself for a tryout with the Houston Texans. What a joke, needless to say a lot of people were very upset with him.

The only reason these guys get invites to NFL camps is because of their results at E-Camp. That's just using the CFL. If it wasn't for E-Camp no NFL team would know about any of them.

Let the NFL teams do their scouting on their money, if they really want CIS guys.


how did Kristian Matte's tryout go anyways? seventh overall in Canadian draft is pretty good. and the Als are a great team to go on. but when you told me what you just did... kinda makes it hard to like him.

Agreed, and I commented on the matter most recently in the "Offseason Transactions" thread:


With inevitable NFL ambitions for the top talent, instead of the norm of "meat-squad" rookies at best or "one in the CFL and done," there ought to be more like SJ Green who put in solid time in the CFL at the very least to develop as a player though as usual given the incredibly high level of NFL competition, came up short anyway.

We'll see if Green as an example returns to the CFL, but I doubt it will be in Montreal from other stuff I have read though they do own his rights.

It does seem that some of the NFL teams are using the CFL combine results to see if any CIS players are worth taking a look at. Guys like Shawn Gore and Steve Turner come to mind. They didn't seem to be on too may peoples radars before the combine, or at least not NFL radars.
But some teams do scout in Canada so they don't miss any gems. You just have to see what happened with the DT from Western Ontario who San Diego Chargers picked up last year in the 4th round.
My belief is, the reason for the large number of CIS players signing on with NFL teams, is a combination of a good crop of talented CIS players this year and no NFLE to draw free agents for training camp bodies. The NFL allows about 88 players for TC so they need to find another 30 - 35 more players on top of their normal 53 man roster.
So at cut down time there will be about 25 players per NFL team let go (taking into account 53 man roster + 8 man PR + injuries). That's around 700 good ball players out on the street, as they say. I expect most of the signed CIS players will be in at that category. Not that they are not good players, but for the most part they won't be ready to step into the NFL high tempo game.
It does inconvenience the CFL teams, who are bound by the import rule so they have to wait around and hope they can still get some of these guys down the road. So they can field the strongest Canadian content possible. I'm not in favour of scrapping the import rule, but I keep plugging my solution to balance things off somewhat. That would be to allow the CFL teams to have the "naturalized Canadian" rule brought back, where a couple of your veterans imports are declared non-imports for the rest of their career.
Would be a win win IMO. The CFL keeps a strong balanced lineup with players who actually want to play up here and the Canadian kids get to hang around the NFL hoping for the big payday (can't blame them for that) but nobody misses them.

I read some where that Kris Matte was signed with a $ 25 ooo bonus- goodby Als!