NFL signings that might affect the CFL draft

Now it's Steven Turner who will attend an NFL mini-camp.- Chicago Bears-

Will many of the best CIS players be gone by next Sunday,day of the CFL draft?

All these signings give good amunitions-re-reduce non-import starters- to CFL Management during today's negotiations with Players Representatives.


This usually happens every year, however it does appear the numbers are increasing with alarming amounts.
That is even more reason why the CBA to be agreed upon must have a substantial increase all around but especially for entry level rookies of the valuable Canadian variety.

I'm surprised in this regard given Turner's diminutive size, but like many other teams the Bears are just stacking the training camp roster to find that one guy, including many an undersized prospect, to be their kickoff returner and burner. The Jets did the same having signed Larry Allen, and I am confident there are a few others of such concentrated speed and quickness. And then for some reason I won't understand other than that they are the Chiefs, they drafted the small Dexter McCluster early in the 2nd round. League history the last 20 years shows even when such players succeed for a season, that's about all for them as far as their time in football. Remember Dante Hall with the Chiefs and the big deal on him a few years ago such that teams would avoid kicking to him as well? It lasted for one season only and he's not been around for awhile already.

Your long-time and veteran undersized star players like Warrick Dunn, James Brooks, Steve Smith (Carolina), Marvin Harrison, Wes Welker, Laveraneus Coles, Santana Moss, and a few others come around a few times a decade on average at best.

Then for most of these guys of all sizes on special teams almost entirely, the next season is a matter of rinse and repeat.

There just has not been enough stability of rosters in the NFL on special teams for too long with the exception of many kickers and long snappers and a few elite returners and a few specialists in part due to high injury rates for which some rules have been changed at long last such that they will go down especially to the head.

I agree with Argotom's comment and for a reformed CBA that requires CFL players at least a two-year commitment.

Having most of these players go through the revolving door within the NFL and then back to the CFL and so forth does neither of the leagues any good overall at least over the span of three seasons or more in my view.

Please don't remind me. From 02-04 Hall was pretty good. How he milked another 2 seasons with the Rams after he left the Chefs is beyond me.

I don't agree. SEVEN players most are going to mini-camps paying their own way... IN REAL LIFE two or three guys have signed free agent deals. Same as last year and the year before. Steven Turner is not going to make an NFL team, get serious.

What I'm seeing is agents overhyping these "tryouts" making them signed like contracts.

I am not so sure Turner is 5'9" 195 a smaller player with speed to burn. He was looked at during E Camp mostly at RB
4.2 40 speed is amazing and he can cut very well. All of his scores at the CFL E-Camp would have put him #1 or #2 at the NFL combine. He can play and may be the next "Darren Sproles" its unlikely but he has a very good chance of making an NFL team as a return specialist.

I believe Turner, out of all the players is the least likely to make a team. He was below average as a receiver, and has limited experience as a return man, only fielding 14 punts last season. The problem a lot of teams in the modern era are having, mainly the Oakland Raiders is the over synthesizing of measurables such as the 40 yard dash and bench press numbers, instead of the kids who can actually play football. I'm not saying Steven Turner won't be a good pro player, I'm just saying it's unlikely he'll stick in Chicago, who if they were smart would put Devin Hester back in the return game, he was the greatest return man I've ever seen.

Turner is more like 175-180 pounds, he's not 195. I know that's not a big deal to some but it really is when you look at the 40 times.

According to an NFL scouting site a few weeks ago, Turner is 5-9 rounded up and under 175 though on the CFL site he is 185 pounds. I suspect somewhere between those lies the truth for his true weight without the pads and helmet. He's is definitely not anywhere near 195, and his speed is in the low 4.3s timed electronically at E-Camp I remember.

Stopwatch times really don't count because they include reaction time for both the runner and the timer and lead to a high margin of error when even a .05 sec difference at this level makes a huge difference in one's draft stock.

All the same agreed except no way is he even close to Darren Sproles, as Sproles proved at least he could take so many more hits all through college even before his success in the NFL.

Nice post Paulo :thup:

FYI: Cory Greenwood has decided to decline the invitation of the Kansas City Chiefs and said he looks forward to the CFL draft this Sunday.

Wow! Good news for the CFL too, and I am surprised because the Chiefs are thin at linebackers too. Wherever he ends up it will be great to see any coverage skills he has with his athleticism unless of course he is playing against Edmonton. :slight_smile:

BC took a chance thats for sure!

ouch.. gore signs with the packers after being drafted in the cfl.. LOL.. poor bc

watkins and gore.. 2 first rounders really will never see the canadian football league field in all likelihood(not for a while atleast)

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Ihekwoaba earns a one-year contract with the Detroit Lions. Mind you I was less than impressed with only his 23 reps at DE in the bench press, more like NFL running back numbers mind you with most DE's getting in the high 20s at minimum, but I did not realise that he was out most of last season with a shoulder injury.

He's also now 6-4 260 with such high hops with more conditioning to come of course and his apparently long arms. That's almost NFL prototype material all things considered, and there is a real shortage of DE's with such prototype build for a 4-3 defense with pass-rush skills in the NFL now.

And it's also noteworthy that he has managed to get signed to a contract without an apparent NFL pro-day and from a mere rookie free agent tryout. The only NFL pro day in Canada was scheduled at Wilfrid Laurier on 26 March, but I don't know if it was cancelled or ever took place.

Your number 3 I would change it to that they have to wait till the following year to play. I think then that most of these guys would seriously consider how long of a shot they have to play in the nfl yet alone the CFL and risk sitting out a entire year.

The Colts signed 16 players from their rookie/tryout camp, Jordan Sisco was not among them. Could be good news for the riders.

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This is not as solid as for Ihekwoaba who has a one-year deal already as cited below, who has far more playing experience, but the Cleveland Browns signed Joel Reinders based on this video alone that has now made its rounds all over Yahoo well after YouTube.

Keep in mind that Reinders has played a grand total of only eight games when watching the dramatic video. It's funny as hell to see him pound guys to the ground and then keep shoving them when they try to get up in some of the clips.

Notice other than some of the raw talent with the punch he has some solid agility and feet to get downfield and shove some more dudes around. That's quite the lost art even at the NFL level with some of those guys except for above average guards, and this is a tackle mind you.

What a bada$$, but then again you have to be to play line in pro football.

It's hard not to cheer for this guy after that production even though he's with the Browns. :lol:

I'd like to see any one of Javarris James, the cousin of Edgerrin James, plus Donye McCleskey or Blair White signed. The latter two had impressive pro-days as well as White an excellent NFL combine, but for some reason they were both overlooked with McCleskey likely because he played in Division 1AA/FCS.

White would be quite the find like Austin Collie for the Colts or Julian Edelmann of the Patriots I think if he can continue with fine hands and route running. Such a player as White would be overlooked by most NFL teams except those like the Colts that use more spread offencive sets such as New Orleans and most of all at least in the past Arizona.

cis schools in the ncaa will kill the cfl.....