NFL signings that might affect the CFL draft

Joel Reinders (OL, Waterloo - ranked 3rd by CFL central scouting) has signed a free agent deal with Cleveland. Kristian Matte (OL, Concordia) has signed a deal with Houston. Shawn Gore (R, Bishop's) is going to a Packers mini-camp while Chima Ihekwoaba (DE, Wilfrid Laurier) will be at a minicamp for the Lions and Jordan Sisco (R, Regina) is going to the Colts' minicamp. Cory Greenwood is reportedly in negotiations with Kansas City. The minicamps may all take place before the CFL draft but it might not be known come draft day whether any of those players will be invited to the main TC. This will certainly affect the CFL teams who want to pick a guy who can play right away.

This is getting a little strange... Greenwood yeah the Chiefs have been talking to him for almost a year but Reinders ??? That looks more like Mac calling the Browns and asking for a favour in hope to make the guy drop in the draft.

The Cat's have limited pick's this year, chance's are they'll stay away from these guy's.I hope.Lesson learned from Corey Mace and Sam Giguere.Their chance's of making the team and how long they will potentially be in the NFL will affect their draft value for sure.

Most of these players would have been 1st round picks in next week draft; they will be drafted but not in 1st round.While I hope the best for these players,I still hate it. We have good talent available and most prefer to try the NFL. If will probably be September before we see some of them in CFL.

One of the main reason why I hope that the number of starting non-imports will be reduced from 7 to 6 or 5.


Great scoop Blue Blood and agree with Richard. Quite the testament to Canadian talent too.

I guess we can't fault players for chasing big dreams, but the odds are so high against them that it seems like the short-term downside is rather harsh. And then it would seem to me as a new CFL fan that the CFL and its fans lose sometimes too. :frowning:

Congrats to Reinders and Matte so far though. :thup:

If the receivers have some speed and are even near minimum prototype size 6-0 200 minimum with solid hands, I'd say those receivers have a fine shot this year as many names with better than such prototype apparently have suspect hands if not also raw or poor catching and route running skills. So many such names were drafted low and likely will be cut or were not drafted at all in an overall very thin draft for quality wide receivers IMO. Their timing is great so long as they have great hands, run solid routes, and have even marginal separation skills.

IMO Ihekwoaba I tell you really, really has his work cut out for him if playing at under 270 still for sake of DE in the NFL even with the lowly Detroit Lions. Has he bulked up at all since I last saw his bio at 255 at E-Camp? It remains to be seen how his quickness is affected if at all with an extra 15 pounds too.

If Ihekwoaba can bulk up to 270 or more he could play in the rotation at DE in the NFL with his size, reach, and hops, but otherwise he's undersized at DE in the NFL for a 4-3 defense. Even the overall more athletic and quicker Jason Pierre-Paul, taken first amongst DE's at 15th overall yet IMO overrated at 6-5 270 with Derrick Morgan better, will be eaten alive as a rookie by the average 320+ experienced tackle.

Greenwood's build is prototype for an NFL OLB and his numbers are solid as appear his skills especially for a 3-4 as the Chiefs play. The Chiefs drafted poorly again overall and drafted no feature linebackers, so I'd say Greenwood has quite the shot to make the team.

So we have 5 Juniors who most have a real shot at the NFL, 7 CIS guys who are longshots but still will not be available at camp and Vaugh Martin who they pulled right out of school.

13 of the top 15 to 20 prospects. Is the NFL sending a message here ?

In any event it gives new meaning to drafting for the futur.

Wow that sucks. Although most of them will be back you'd have to think.
Will change the complexity of the draft for sure.
In additions to these players, it will be interesting to see what happens to Danny Watkins from Baylor and John Bender from Nevada. Add Reinders and the other NCAA prospects to that mix, and what was a deep draft looks like only Joe Eppele will be available for the start of training camp.

How many people are planning to watch the draft?
I know I will. Although I have no clue who a lot of the players are and most of them will never play, it's still fun to watch.
It will be interesting to see the improvements they made to last year.
Also good to see TSN committed to the draft. The NFL draft was moved to TSN2 (although in primetime), while the CFL will still be on TSN. Nice gesture.

This is the deepest CFL draft in years, if a player goes in the first round of this draft, he is expected to be a starter somewhere down the road. There are a couple of guys I think you can plug in and start right away, like LB/DE Shomari Williams from Queens, DT Eddie Steele out of Manitoba and LB Cory Greenwood out of Concordia when we see him back up here. It's to bad Joel Reinders went to the Browns, I think he would have been the first pick in this draft if he didn't, this draft lacks offensive linemen who will be on the rosters day one this year. Overall, this will be a great draft, I expect a lot of impact special teams guys, maybe a dozen future starters, and if were lucky two or three future all stars.

I think you could very well be correct about Reinders. Now I think Toronto has a tough decision to make

Shomari Williams or Rob Maver with their first pick.

Rob Maver “The CFL is definitely an opportunity that’s here right now,? he said. “I have a great opportunity right now and I’m just going to focus on this all the way up.

“This isn’t just a one- or two-year gig that I’m looking for. I want to make this a 20-year career. I want to be the next Noel Prefontaine (11 seasons) or the next Lui Passaglia (25 years), so to speak. I want to be a CFL lifer, that’s what I’m committed to doing.?

I think you could very well be correct about Reinders. Now I think Toronto has a tough decision to make

Shomari Williams or Rob Maver with their first pick.

Rob Maver “The CFL is definitely an opportunity that’s here right now,? he said. “I have a great opportunity right now and I’m just going to focus on this all the way up.

“This isn’t just a one- or two-year gig that I’m looking for. I want to make this a 20-year career. I want to be the next Noel Prefontaine (11 seasons) or the next Lui Passaglia (25 years), so to speak. I want to be a CFL lifer, that’s what I’m committed to doing.?

....this is the kind of stuff that makes us look 'minor league' .....You can't blame players for chasing the BIG DREAM...and good luck to them all....We do know however, many of them will be back ....some sooner than latter... BUT we, in the CFL, have to accept that it's a fact of life...the nfl is a big vaccuum....sucking-up every player (home-grown and otherwise), that shows any exceptional ability, leaving us high and dry....It never used to be that fact we used to steal a lot of their promising talent ..Unfortunatley,those days are gone never to return...soooo i guess we better get our 'second fiddle' act tuned up and get used to it :thdn: :frowning:

I understand the talented players/the ones who think they are talented enough to sign with an NFL team but,most often,these players are not ready/talented enough; the main reason they sign is because of their greedy agents;these agents mainly care for their pockets and not the player or the CFL.

With the total salary budgets of CFL teams at roughly $39. millions-including players on 9 games injury list-,compared with the total salary budgets of NFL teams at roughly $4.8 billions, I know that we can't compete with them.If one of you know how,please get in touch with Greece in order to settle their debt problem.

Here are the measures that I would like to be introduced/changed by the CFL.

  1. Reduce the numbers of non-imports starters from 7 to 6 in 2010 and to 5 when/if Ottawa comes back into the League.Many non-import starters are no longer good enough and it takes time to develop "new" ones. This will improve the game.If a non-import has talent-or he thinks so- the first chance he has he "jumps" to the NFL; he cares for him not the CFL. Let's change the non-import starters rule now!

2.The date of the CFL draft should be in mid April-like 5 or 6 years ago- a week or 2 before the NFL draft. It may not make much difference but I rather know now -not after the NFL draft- if a player my team or any team has chosen is signed by an NFL. Some players may sign with their CFL team,before the NFL draft. Let's put the chance on our side,

  1. Most important suggestion! I hope that the CFL introduces a rule-like in other sports,incl.NFL-that would say that the drafted players eligible to play in the coming season-exclude the juniors/ones going back to school-and unsigned before the 7th game of the CFL regular season would be ineligible to play in the current CFL season.-for instance, the Reinders,the Greenwood,the Gore,etc that have signed with NFL teams, would have to have been cut by their NFL team and signed by their CFL team before the 7 CFL regular season game-. If they get cut in September,forget the CFL for that season. Furthermore,these players would have to be signed by the CFL team that drafted them, in April or May, before March 31st of next year; if not they become eligible for the CFL draft. Suppose that Reinders is drafted by the Argos then signs with an NFL team and is cut in September by his NFL team,he can't play for the Argos in 2010. If he does not sign with the Argos before March 31,2011 he becomes eligible for the 2011 CFL draft.
    Quite simple to me and fair.Some may think twice before going to the NFL,particularly the Matte,the Sisco,etc who are not even considered amongst the 15 best non-imports eligible for the upcoming CFL draft.


I think you could very well be correct about Reinders. Now I think Toronto has a tough decision to make

Shomari Williams or Rob Maver with their first pick.

[quote]Rob Maver “The CFL is definitely an opportunity that’s here right now,? he said. “I have a great opportunity right now and I’m just going to focus on this all the way up.

I think the Argos need to get a position player at #1. Williams may be the guy after yesterdays exodus to the NFL (more to sign I am sure). As for Maver, I would like to see the Argos draft a less heralded kicker in UofS kicker-db Justin Shaw later in the draft. They already have a couple import pk on the roster.

With respect to your measure #1, I just don't get how that would help anything. I think it would have the opposite effect long term. That is, you have fewer Canadians on the CFL field for kids to relate to, to aspire to be like, seeing that they made it so why not you, etc., .. and there will be fewer interested in playing football, not more, making the calibre of Canadian players decrease over time.

To say that there are is not a deep enough pool of Canadians with starter ability is just not proven by the realities of the teams. How is it that teams like Sask. can start more Canadians than the minimum just about every game if they aren't starter material. And Sask isn't exactly a bottom-dweller in the standings since they started stockpiling Canadian talent with Tillman's arrival. And Sask isn't the only team to start more than the minimum. I believe your Alouettes have done so, maybe not every game but ... and they aren't bottom dwellers either.

The Canadian starters are out there but it takes two things from a CFL team's perspective: 1. get off your arse and find them; and 2. develop those you find who have the natural talent and take them beyond their natural talents so that they can be as good as or better than their American competitors. If we don't, then Canadian football will die a slow but certain death. It may not be popular or current thinking, but I would actually go the opposite direction than you and raise the Canadian starter minimum by 1 every five years until half the starters of each team must be Canadian. But that's just me. We can be the best but we need an incentive to be the best, liket he Olympics. The best incentive is having a place to play.

There's probably a lot of CFL GM's agreeing with you right about now, off the record of course. :slight_smile:

...i'm glad to see there's guys like Richard V and leagalbeagal who have some good least attempting to correct our problems....What we don't want to do is impose rules that disenchant or hinder the development of Canadian talent...I believe the league is pressing to change the ratio of non-imports...but seeing is that we are not privy to negotiations presently taking place...the fans don't really know if this is part of the leagues remedy, for the current draft delimma or just a negotiating tactic?????...In any event something has to be done or we will continue to fall into the category of 'just a farm team and nation' for the 'big show' down south...It's a concern for sure... :expressionless:

I misread Richard's prior comment when posting late last night and actually disagree with it and agree with THIS position by Legalbeagle to decrease the number of non-import starters over time for the long-term endurance of Canadian football. I wonder if he's our "resident attorney"? :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed with Richard's point two, as anyone drafted by the CFL who wants to shoot for the NFL will have their choice of leagues after the CFL draft all the same, yet as Richard explains, greater chance moves to the side of the CFL for a few more of these "tweener" players between countries given the extreme NFL competition and high odds as I explain further below of which it seems to me that most football fans are highly unaware.

Let's note that many players who are not drafted at all are snapped up by the NFL to various free agent aka "meat squad" training camp contracts as real long shots including even Matte at the Texans with about ten other free agent signings for them for example. Then most of those, well, they are released or remain off contract only on practise squads where they make a menial sum if any yet get great access to team perks and facilities as they have to work regular jobs as well. That's not such a bad deal for someone young and single of course.

Mind you the chances of players drafted beyond the 3rd round of the NFL draft of being even feature players, meaning being around as starters or playing at least two downs a series for at least more than the average career of slightly less than four years, go way, way down. The chances of finding a future NFL star go way down as of only the 2nd round mind you. We are talking here, in total over the years on average, the first three rounds about a pool of only about 100 players out of about 250 drafted per year with the longshot factor increasing in the 4th round and then again in the 6th round and then lowest of all the undrafted free agents.

And then for many of those who make a team after the last cut day but not good enough to been drafted highly? Well they get a great salary of at least ~ US$300K, at least half of which will go to taxes, agents, and attorneys notwithstanding of course the celebration, party, and "Mercedes" money. Even then that's really good of course compared to most of us NET for only having to play special teams for the most part and wait their chance to fill in as backups or compete for various positions the next year against not only veterans, but free agents and a whole new crop of draft picks who are amongst those taken higher who command far more money before even playing a down.

In the end, the average NFL career is about 3.5 years with even less for those who don't make it past the grinder of mostly only special teams play by the middle of their third season. A few of these guys end up as long-time special teamers though, but those chances are even lower than for the average positional player due to the nature of special teams play.

Fortunately at last irrespective of the pleading of a few fans like me but perhaps finally after the US Congressional hearings on concussions and player safety, the NFL has put in new rules to eliminate most "defenceless" blows to the head in view of the high incidence of such injuries on special team's play.

Richard has it right that there is plenty of room for agents to work with these approximate odds heavily in their favour and the heights of dreams having no limits in the eyes of the average 21 to 23 year old player with the physical talent to perform well or dominate at the CIS or NCAA football level. :?

With the adjustment made as in item one for an earlier CFL draft per Legalbeagle, I do not see it necessary nor agree that it makes more sense to resort to forcing any players who don't sign with the CFL right away after the earlier draft to sit out a whole season in case as usual their NFL dreams don't work out as usual.

Should the idea of an EARLIER CFL draft be brought up to the CFL powers-that-be, I'll be one to wonder what sort of immediate resistance it would face even without discussion instead of what would seem to me like due open discussion on the matter. :?

Maver can suit up right away that allows you an extra import. I don't think there is one college kid out there who can start at linebacker in the CFL. He would likely be a special teams players for one possibly up to three years, now having O'Shea on the coaching staff will help but I think its an error to draft with the intent to "start" any of these guys. I think at 8 Maver is gone but there could still be great positional players available. Also Maver is the only kicker in the draft who seems to be ready to do all 3 kicking duties. Palardy fits Calgary's needs and Bodnar or Shaw fit Hamilton's needs. Normally I would not take a kicker with the #1 pick but you know Calgary will grab him at 5 or Hamilton with a trade could also jump up.

Nice preview for the draft:
Also checkout CFL section, where Duane Ford goes through each team's need going into the draft.