NFL Season Opener

I wonder if the Giants and Red Skins forums are complaining about a Thursday night game?

Don't know if the game is in NY or Washington but, if you've ever driven in the rush hour traffic in either of those two cities, you'd know that some of the fans probably are.

8) Hmmm, just watched the Redskins go for a third down and one, and they handed of to their running back deep in his own back field. He was stopped short of the first down !!
I wonder if all the Redskins fans will cascade their coach for that stupid play also ???      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

They should...'specially if it seems to be a recurring thing - with games on the line.

Wow…superbowl champion coach punts the ball with less than 6 inches to go and the ball in his own end.

good thing they get 4 downs...

Which is what you do in the NFL and NCAA.

I have no problem with it in the CFL either when its on your own 20, you have the lead, and its the first quarter.

BUSH LEAGUE! BUSH LEAGUE! THE NFL IS BUSH LEAGUE! Did I get it right? That's how things go here when the coach makes the wrong call right?

Remember in the CFL that the defense is one yard off the ball!

8) Ohh, do they ??? :wink:
I guess that is why they punted the ball away on 4th down, when they didn't make the 3rd down gamble for 1 yard.        Gutless coach  !!        <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I have a problem with it. However, i'm not paid to run the team so, who cares what I think really.

Yes because the defensive line is not a yard off the ball.

Guaranteed everyone in the organization thought it was a down right brutal call by Charlie, if I was Obbie I would have fired Charlie on the spot and coached the rest of the game, like Pinball was doing on the Argo's sideline.

And if Obbie did that we would have won the game.

Tip, I think Skins fans will have a lot to go apopletic about! LOL

More distressing than individual playcalls, as Jamie Dukes correctly identified on the NFL Network post-game coverage, it was the INANE game management that Zorn and co. showed that was really glaring. No no-huddle with less than 5 minutes left and down in a two-possession game? No shotgun set on fourth-and-forever? The sheer slowness to line up and get a freaking play off was amazing. They had better get that aspect fixed and quick!

Oski Wee Wee,