NFL Season opener game thread - :detlions: Lions @ :chiefs: Chefs Sept 7, 2023

:detlions: Detroit Lions


:chiefs: Kansas City Chefs

game time: 2023-09-08T00:30:00Z

who do you think will win?

  • :detlions: Lions
  • :chiefs: Chefs
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I have two full bags of La Cocina nachos and extra guacamole here so there will be no repeat food fail this time.

Do the Lions even have a chance in this one?

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@GridironGirl hard to pick against KC. I don’t trust Jared Goff.

Just glad the NFL is back


Lions were good down the stretch but just missed playoffs. but Patrick Mahomes is still the best player on the planet and Chefs are at home. Would love to see the Lions win but I don’t see it happening.


As a Detroit native, my heart’s been broken too many times to trust them. :disappointed:


They have a chance because it looks like Kelce probably won’t play and KC’s best defender is definitely out. It’s also the first game so more chance KC isn’t in sync yet. Would still pick KC straight up although the line has moved from 6.5 to 4.5 as a result of the injury news.


Those who already took the Lions +6.5 might be feeling good now. Meh, perhaps if the Lions beat the spread but don’t win, it would be via some backdoor late score.

+6.5 is a line I usually hate along with +6, for there is a vast difference when betting +7 or better for the underdog.


ah this is the start of the first glorious 5 day-in-a-row stretch of football for 2023 :partying_face:

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The article I read also said that Detroit is tied with Dallas for the best record against the spread over the last two years.


Very happy to see these threads exist for the NFL Games!

Looking forward to watching the game.


  • Harrison “Butt Kicker” Butker has been pretty solid for the Chiefs since his signing back in '17. I dabbled in writing about the NFL last year and his Week 1 game made it into my post.
    If you’re interested that can be found here;

  • The Lions are starting Riley Patterson, who they “lent” to Jacksonville last year. He performed very well for them and the Lions ended up trading a late-round draft pick to get him back on their roster. XFL Standout John Parker Romo was competing with him in camp but neither had a clear advantage. It’s my belief that the draft pick sent to Jacksonville was the deciding factor on which kicker would start, and thus Romo was released.


  • Tommy Townsend, the 2022 AP All-Pro, enters his 4th year with the Chiefs and continues to be an excellent punter in the NFL and averaged 50 yards per punt last year.

  • Jack Fox signed a three-year, $11M dollar contract in Oct '22 making him the highest paid punter at the time (now its Michael Dixon with he Seahawks)

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I’m going to go ahead and say that this post kicked ass too.

/Hands mic to the next speaker


This chick can sing!

Historically game threads don’t exist for all or even most NFL games but that doesn’t mean they can’t. Sometimes they are created and there is a lot of participation, sometimes not. The most popular games are often the Thursday or Sunday nighters and of course the season opener like today. Even for the playoffs there has usually only been one thread for the weekend slate of games and a Super Bowl thread. But feel free to create a thread if you don’t see one and would like to. There are actually a fair amount of US based members of this forum but not nearly all of them are NFL fans.


Canadian Eddie Murray - one of the great Lions kickers.


Fake Punt by the lions!

First Down!


They’re executing like an actual professional football team.
Dammit - I probably jinxed them!


Go Chefs! :chiefs:

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Lions putting together a nice drive.

This game probably would have made the pool if it wasn’t on a Thursday.



Man that might have been a TD if he didn’t fall down.

But they get it anyway on 3rd down.