NFL scout @ Als Training Camp... this is allowed?

an Eagles scout is at the Als TC today perusing the talent which I assumed was prohibited.
Are there no restrictions in place on foreign leagues scouts attending these camps?
Or is it based on a team by team discretion for this type of thing?

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There's a scout from Philadelphia Eagles @ #Als' training camp today. #CFL #AlsMTL

Why would it be prohibited ? Popp has a lot of friends in the US and its known the Als have an overabundance of receivers and quarterbacks.

what if an NFL scout was interested in a contracted player that Popp (or other GM/coach) intended to keep?

more than likely Popp would release said player outright as he could not compete monetarily even if he envisioned him to be an integral part of the team.

not sure I like this practice immediately preceding the start of regular season...throws CFL teams for a loop IMO.

Popp's not an idiot. If this is happening, it's under a clear set of directions so that no misunderstandings occur.

It's also a great morale boost for any players with NFL aspirations. Let them see that the Als GM will help them reach their highest pro level, which builds trust and increases the odds of them doing right by Popp later. Duron Carter was willing to come back because of how supportive Popp was of him chasing his NFL dream. He's said that openly.

Well personally I don't like the idea or practice.
With the hundreds of colleges and talent pool the US why would the CFL allow such a practice???
Not to mention the ability to drown any CFL contract with US $$$$$! :cowboy:

I would agree with this. It will allow for more American talent to come to the CFL and try out with teams knowing there is cooperation between the two leagues. Very few are going to be signed by the NFL anyways.

You do realize that all CFL teams have scouts at NFL camps right ? At least most...
Believe me we benefit from this a lot more than the other way around.

There is no reason to fight the NFL. People often forget its a two way street. Yes, the CFL loses top talent to the NFL usually 3-5 guys every year, but a lot of NFL teams now are clearly pointing their fingers north when a fringe player gets released who may not have another kick at the can in the NFL. Just in the last 3-5 years I have noticed bigger names making the jump from NFL to CFL and I believe that's a direct result of the best of the best from the CFL heading down south spreading the image of the league in a positive light.

It is in the CFL's best interest to partner with the NFL rather than make an enemy out of them because as we have all noted the CFL is not on the NFL's level.

Like D&P said, I am sure Popp has some strict guidelines for any NFL scout who wants to check camp out and it does make the team seem unselfish when it comes to the aspiration of many of their players to play in the NFL.

CFL staff attend NFL camps all the time. Nothing to see here really.

training camps or regional combines?


Have seen familiar CFL faces in individual team's training camps on many occasions. Some news outlets have even reported on their presence.

Most NFL teams' training camps are open to the general public, let alone football personnel.

Popp probably gets a few ideas on players from these guys as well. Our league is great and getting better all the time. We don't need to be scared of the NFL.

In this case maybe the OP could be disappointed his team may not be first in line to grab the leftovers :lol:

Scout probably just wanted to see Laquan McGowan in person. :o

Not other NFL personnel, I don’t think.

really HfxTC?
I posted this in defense of YOUR team hoping this NFL scout will not poach one of YOUR players right before the season starts.

whether you believe so or not, I'm a CFL fan first and foremost and I do not wish to see ANY CFL team struggle at the gate or on the field and am not enamored with the NFL poking around.

Why you feel the need to conjure up BS narratives is beyond me.

Just having a little fun. Didn't mean to piss you off. fakin Internet ....

Or Vernon Adams.

If some sessions are open to the general public, I don't see what's to stop personnel from even another NFL team from attending.