NFL schedule

Hey, I know a few guys on this huddle are from the states (or at least there were some in the old huddle), so I ask just in case someone would know…

Some friends and I want to go see an NFL game next season. We feel we need to buy our tickets really fast if we want to get them. So does anybondy knows when the official schedule should be released?

they havent said when they are going to release it yet.

if your in tokyo on 8/805 you can catch the colts vs Atlanta

thats a preseason game, and who the hell wants to watch the colts.

its a joke but the colts are the best NFL team to watch in my books their O is the best that I have evere seen they just need get some better D to stop the run thats what killed them because they have a great pass rush with frenny the guy is the best pass rusher in the NFL and their seconday came together well in the second half of the season

what an offense, scoring 3 points in their last playoofs game. sure helped them there. well i guess peyton was injured, you can tell by how he choked. and who wants to watch two teams run up the score with absolutely no defense, i know i dont. the colts are the most overrated team. period.

The Pats beat the Colts because their defence was amazing. They did two great things:

1- They faked the blitz all game long so Peyton would be in a hurry to throw, but blitzed for real only once in the whole game. Therefore, everybody was always covered when Peyton triggered his short anti-blitz passes.

2- They screwed up Peyton’s no-huddle offence by jumping around like pop corn before every snap. The defensive unit would never stop moving before a snap. Guys lined-up unusually on the field, moved to the front, the left, back again, switched formations, faked long-pass coverage before moving to a fake blitz… You could see frustration grow in Manning’s face as he was unable to read them good before audiblizing. The Pats truly were impressive.

Good points Turd, one must remember Belechik is an absolute genius in figuring out how to screw up the other team before the ball is even snapped, and especially if it is his defense doing the screwing up. How do you think Parcells looked so good? He had two weeks to plan for Peyton and poor Manning was toast before the even hit the field.

Official NFL schedule will be released on the 13th of April.

belicheck learned all from parcells, when he coached under him. but the mighty pats arent going to be so good anymore. there offensive and defensive coordinators are gone, their star linebacker (using steroids), and some WRs left. Ty Law’s out. and i will laugh when the dolphins kick their ars.

Well, after winning it three times in four years, it wouldn’t be a failure not to win it this year. Especially in a league that is used to pillage the reigning champions’ free agents.

And the Pats haven’t lost that much.

They won this year without Ty Law, so he’s not a factor. They released Troy Brown (haven’t lost him). David Givens signed elsewhere, but he isn’t irremplacable. I don’t know who you are refering too with your steroids, but the amazing Tedy Bruschi is out because of an AVC. He represents their only big on-field loss.

I admit the departure of the two coordinators may have an impact on them, but not so big as to send them way down the drain. They may just become less dominant than they were.

Forget about the Dolphins kicking anyone’s arse. They need heavy rebuilding and have only one draft pick in the 69 first picks. Ouch.

well…first i would like to say the Red and White, get out of here, calling third and ten; turd and ten, is my nickname,even though i only used it in the huddle.

tedy bruschi is covering, as is barry bonds. it is a conspiracy, barry bonds is out for the year because, he needs to do some intense training, to be at leas half good, when he is not on steroids. Bruschi may be doing the same thing, but i think so just because i like to le myslef think tha, because i like to think people on teams i do not like are evil

Bruschi may or may not have taken steroids, but nobody fakes an AVC. This is just freakin’ too serious.

exactly, why would someone fake that, they would feel so sorry for him, they would never notice, or question him. and if he does come back, he wont be as good, its a masterplan,

and barry bonds is doin it too, tell everyone.

anyone hear if Ricky Williams is gettin back into the league?.. i loved that guy and then he just “retired”… and as far as im concerned the Dolphins had a great year last year… THEY BEAT THE PATS!!! and as far as im concernd thats all that counts… so in my books the best teams last year were the Steelers and the Dolphins, as for the biggest underachiever… drum roll please…

the EAGLES… couldnt beat the damn Pats, man i lost 20$ on that game

ricky was offered a deal where he couldve taken his penalty last season and be back right now, but he declined and signed up at holistic medical school, so he wont be back for this eason for sure.