NFL Schedule Released

just thought i'd let everyone know the nfl schedule was released today

theres the link, check it out

u kno i dont kno y u would post that on a CFL site... i mean if someone wanted to look at the NFL scheduel they would go to the NFL site, and they got a couple of months until anyone cares who is playin who and when

who cares if this is a cfl site, im sick of hearing "this is a cfl site and all you can post is stuff related to and with the cfl" , people who like football like football, and the nfl is football, and i know some people are interested in knowing this.

Yep, not only are we free to discuss topics not related to football, but this is about football. I wondered last week when would the schedule go out because I want to go see an NFL game for the very first time this year. I asked the question in here because I figured football fans would probably know. As a matter of fact, some did.

I'll try to go see the Chargers take on the Patriots on October 2nd.

man....the NFC East plays alot of monday night football games.

Good Point T&T, the forum (realy dumb name) is a democratic site which tolerates free speech, which is why it isn't limited to the cfl, and provides us all with a great way to bring the history of sports to life.......

yeah.....i just freak out every time i hear someone say that cuz it pisses me off so much. we should have the commisioners tell everyone that this forum is for ALL kinds of discussion