NFL salary cap for 2012 is $120.6 million


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comparatively, the CFL cap for 2012 is only 4,350,000
just goes to show that money spent doesn't necessarily equal better entertainment. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have that right tangle, by this comparison the CFL is run and operated much, much more efficiently.


Your biased entertainment preference has no bearing on how efficient or how well a league is run ..
If the CFL and most of the teams actually made any money you can be assured of one thing the players union would be holding out for more money and pushing up that cap.

The CFL is run like it is with salaries like they are is because their business model and the money they take in dictates that

The fact they are still in business is somewhat of a miracle, Given the fact that most of it stays afloat with the help of charitable wealthy people i'd say it's pretty inefficient

True again dawg, the CFL doesn’t have access to the American population base and American networks and all the best football players out there. It’s Canada’s league and yes, it is a miracle of sorts our league is still alive, and a miracle I’m enjoying every bit to think a Canadian pro sports league that isn’t hockey could be surviving to this day and age. :thup:

I suppose what I was trying to say is that with the limited resources the league has, it and the member teams and owners aren’t doing too bad, something is right even if some clubs, most maybe?, do lose money.

I guess to be inefficient is somewhat akin to being falling down and getting a nasty cut on your knee. You don’t want that to happen, don’t like the pain, but it means you’re alive and that is ok. That the CFL is alive is great, don’t you agree even with the problems the league has had? Can’t have problems if you don’t exist.

I have been a fan of the CFL for many years .. I don't hold it over any other league because i can watch and enjoy both and i don't feel the need to put something down because its a different league or because its from a different city or a different country ..

I am secure enough in myself and the things i enjoy that i don't need to bad talk and insult another league or anything just to try and make my preference seem better

Actually with the CFL i enjoy the game and i will always follow the 2 teams i have grown up with ..what i am starting to get tired of are the things outside of the actual game .. the CFL needs to run itself better the teams need to make money so we can stop being threatened with losing a team every now and then and the CFL needs to stop being the Charity Football League ...and Hamilton should NEVER get a Grey Cup Game as long as the city of Hamilton has to pay to bring it there

But the games can be fun

Why Hamilton? Other cities put up money with the team to bring Grey Cups to their city? Why shouldn't Hamilton do the same? And Vancouver did well with the past Grey Cup as the link below indicates, money well spent to bring the GC there, albeit Hamilton is no Vancouver as we know. If I'm the CFL, I don't think I'd put a Grey Cup in Hamilton regardless who pays for it, the city is just too small time and rinky dink, albeit I do love living here and going to Cat games as a season ticket holder.

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The benchmark is the Riders, if they can make some millions in a year, over 6 mill last year, why can't all the cities? But RiderPride is hard to match I'll agree, something we won't ever see in Hamilton I'm sure.

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Also remember the NFL isn't coming to Hamilton or other cities in Canada anytime soon. If people want pro football in their city in Canada, support your local CFL team.