NFL roster cuts

Just to get this thread kicked off -- there are going to be many cuts from today who will be re-signed onto team's practice rosters. Until the end of the weekend then, it is premature to necessarily equate a cut with a guy suddenly coming up to the CFL.

I am monitoring the NFl Network's cuts show on the announced cuts.

That being stated, the first name that jumps off the screen for me is Kenton Keith being released by Indy. Looks like Rhodes and Mike Hart have wound up as Joseph Addai's backups.

Oski Wee Wee,

They are about to replay the Casey Printers cut in KC last year from Hard Knocks. Ugh. LOL

The Video is on my Site already

Kenton keith was garbage anyway, indy is way better off mike hart who actually can catch the ball and runs with some purpose. Keith won't ever be an nfl back with consistant catching abilities when he's looking for the sidelines all the time.Rhodes seems to have gone downhill since his stint with the oakland raiders, hes going to be the 3rd back, dungy doesnt like his work ethic either.

Ashley Lelie was cut....he will probably get picked up though

Cory Mace,a D lineman was released by the Bills.He is a Winnipeg draft pick and would give their line added depth.I am not a cynic,normally, but do you think the Bombers may have signed Tim Chang in order to get a better insight into our playbook and tendencies.We do play them two more times and that COULD BE a battle for second place.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

IMO, Timmy can't tell Winnipeg much more about us
than they already know from watching game film, Pat.

Timmy spends his time each week learning
our opponent's playbook and running their plays.

He had a playbook but he didn't
take first string reps this year

to be able to internalize much of it.


IMO, Timmy is in Winnipeg on his own merits.

His NCAA record and 2 years in the CFL

Mann of the hour?

Eskimos may pursue castaways
following NFL cuts


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The Edmonton Eskimos aren't mentioning any names but

Maurice Mann, a wide receiver was cut
by the Washington Redskins yesterday.

Mann started the final three games
for the Eskimos last fall

and running back Kenton Keith could
be on the Esks' radar screen.

He was released by the Indianapolis Colts yesterday.

The Toronto Argos may be first in line
to make an offer for the shifty tailback.

Handful of NFL cuts could head north

Edmonton Sun, August 31, 2008 Ian Busby

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Jabari Arthur was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday.

He was the Calgary Stampeders 3rd pick
(sixth overall) in the 2007 draft.

D.E. Tearrius George was released yesterday by Dallas

He is Calgary's property, also.

He was their rookie of the year last year.

Link through to read about others.