NFL rookies who will make an early impact

Which rookie will make the biggest impact for their team right off the bat and not need as much development as other rookies?

My choice is Joe Thomas on the Cleveland Browns...I'm not saying Thomas will win the Browns games, I just feel he is the most "NFL ready" player selected in the draft...But statistically I expect Marshawn Lynch on the Buffalo Bills to carry a large workload early on...Especially in the abscence of Willis McGahee...Now tell me what you think...If you answer other please leave a post with who tour "other" was

Johnson with the Lions..

Had to pick "Other" because I don't know any of those names. (Probably because I don't watch US College football.....) :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Marshawn Lynch of the Buffalo Bills because he will be the featured back in their offence. Since he can run and catch the ball he will be used in many different ways and should make an impact right away.

Calvin Johnson should see the ball lots in Detroit and Adrian Peterson will be a workhorse (but because he will share carries with Chester Taylor he won't put up as big of numbers)

I thnk Calvin Johnson will have a huge impact. Fast, can jump, and has great hands.

Joe Thomas will also make quite an impact and help out the Browns.

It will also be interesting to watch #10 pick Amobe Okoye out of Houston. This kid is only 19 years old, which is amazingly young for the NFL.