NFL rejects

I wish that no CFL teams would sign a player rejected by the NFL for reasons other than on field performance, or NFL prejudices against size or color and such.

So no company should hire someone along the same lines? Makes no sense. Apple can't employ someone from Microsoft because at Microsoft they get rid of anyone with some minor charge. ::slight_smile:

ok, if you are talking minor criminal charge not involving Microsoft, then Microsoft would not have had legal grounds to "get rid of" them.

However, if they committed a crime against Microsoft then if I was Apple, I would not want them because I would not think I could trust them.

If they committed a crime so grievous as to justify Microsoft firing them, then I would lean toward not hiring them.

Who has the CFL recently signed who has been kicked out of the NFL?

Not sure if anyone signed, but there is always talk of someone like Manziel.

I am sure there have been others over the years.

But Manziel has been cleared and can be signed by whomever in the NFL.

I don't think CFL can sign anyone barred from NFL now.

but do they want him. Not so far.

My point is about being rejected, not actually barred.

Well I guess we differ here.
I think you are saying that whoever NFL does not sign or want we shouldn't either.
For someone who won't go to the states you seem to be giving them a lot of authority in our league.

Just about ALL the imports have been "rejected" by the NFL
for 1 reason or another ....

I am just not following due to the following reasons:

  1. You clarified that you mean not players who are currently barred by the NFL, such as via the "Ricky Williams Rule" or more recently such as those charged with domestic violence who are still dealing with such criminal charges.

  2. Taking out also those suffering discrimination or alleged discrimination depending whom you ask, such as Colin Kaepernick, just who does that leave as "rejected" for reasons other than those you cite?

In the case of Manziel or in past years Michael Vick, they've dealt with their criminal issues, so Manziel went through the processes to request NFL and CFL eligibility and has received it. Vick as you might recall applied for reinstatement in the NFL and played a few more seasons.

The only player who meets your strict criteria who comes to mind is Tony Washington, so such players who meet these criteria would seem to be few and far between but I do agree with you.

A large portion on NFL players are rejected too. The average career length of NFL cornerbacks is 2.9 yrs, receivers 2.8 yrs, running backs 2.5 yrs and overall 3.3 yrs. That's a lot of NFL player turnover every 3.3 years, the entire team on average. The CFL probably gets the cream of NFL rejects...and there's a lot of them!

So wait until they do want him and then try to outbid?

PS, there are teams showing interest, the Patriots being one team kicking the tires.

Make the CIS a mandatory prerequisite.

The Canadian players that go to the NCAA are too tainted.


So you want to bar some of the very best Canadian football players from playing in the CFL too? That's beyond absurd.

I'm thinking he will end up in either Denver or Phoenix.

Come on, that's not nearly absurd enough. I say we also exclude any player tainted by a past experience of 4-down football. So for all those HS players in BC and Ontario whose schools play 4-down ball: barred.

Good point.

Excluding Simon Fraser alone doesn't quite get the job done.

Why we're at it, why not bar anyone who has ever even watched an NFL or NCAA game on TV?

During the combine ask prospects who Tom Brady is? If any of them answer; "a football player," immediately disqualify them from the draft.

heh heh heh, you guys are just too funny

Well yes of course. Anyway, those averages are way down at 3 years or less as opposed to more at 4 years or less, so there is a bigger selection of these players for the CFL than ever I would think. These are not the players whom FYB is referencing in his original post though.

It's noteworthy that many players are cut after only three seasons after playing mostly special teams, for they are deemed too expensive at that point if they have not become at least solid backups in any given position. A few of these are former CFL players who saw limited action on offence or defence too. A few of these players also are retained for high performance as special teams aces though.

The NFL is on course to virtually eliminate all kickoffs, so I have to wonder how much lower these averages will go given even more turnover for such special teams players for quite limited roles as they are groomed into playing potentially their positions.