NFL Reinstates Ricky Williams

From CBS 4:

NFL Reinstates Dolphins' Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams' suspension ended after more than 18 months when he was reinstated Wednesday by the NFL...
How long before Ricky gets "stressed out" again? :roll:

I think a better question is who the hell cares... lol

Will he be any good? Is the Real question.

I think we may see him again in the CFL

flex, I will have to agree with you there.

Run Ricky Run

What a joke - Miami needs more help then what Ricky has to offer! :roll:

He certainly couldn't hurt their team. Well maybe he could.

the weed in Canada is better.... he will be back

He won the starting job in Miami. For Week 1 anyway.

Brian Westbrook is better.

brian westbrook is too small, gets banged up easily and will never win a superbowl.

I disagree, Brian Westbrook can do everything, he can run he can catch hell he can probably pass too! When Westbrook goes the Eagles go.

Go Eagles!!!!!!!