NFL Reinstates Ricky Williams


means the Argos could use him again
if Dolphins don’t want him

Miami has two weeks to decide what to do anyways so you wont see him up here thats for sure.

When Ricky first tested positive for pot, I was forced to have a very uncomfortable conversation with my 8 year old son about why his favorite NFL player was walking away from the game. After a short while, he recovered and latched on to a new idol, Mike Vick.

Atleast you can show your son that this type of behaviour is not tolerated (to a certain extent sometimes).

That druggie should be barred for life…

Druggie you make it sound like hes a junkie or a crackhead all hes done is smoke a little pot give it up. Hes done nothing different almost everyone out there imo its not worse then smoke a cigarette or drinkin a beer.

I heard on the FAN590 this AM that Williams has been tested over 200+ times since he was suspended from the NFL and has had one positive test for something in an herbal tea--he was cleared of that. He's been in a rehab program to treat his Social Anxiety Disorder for the last 5 1/2 months. He's flying to Miami today to meet Dolphins officials.

How long do some people want to crucify him for smoking a joint?

An Argo-Cat fan

John Beck certainly won't. LMAO The sooner Ricky -- who's back up to 230 according to reports -- can take handoffs from Beck, the easier the transition to starting QB will be for the Fins' high-profile rookie pivot.

I wish Ricky all the best. For a guy who has been on the suspension side of the NFL ledger, he is LIGHT YEARS ahead of a Pacman Jones, Michael Vick, Chris Henry etc. etc. in terms of being a copasetic figure.

Oski Wee Wee,

Anyone who believes his last positive drug result was from something in a herbal tea is fooling themselves....

What about all the players killing themselves on steroids. Thats OK?

Most of the guys I've listened to on the FAN have been pretty supportive of Ricky, but I think it's due to the fact he was an Argo and the jocks on the FAN are homers for the most part. Wonder what they'd say about him if he was a Ti-Cat.

Anyhow, I wouldn't crucify him for smoking a joint but by doing so, he did let down his teammates, and he did it repeatedly.

Interesting to see what he can do in nfl again, compared to his average CFL performance. CFL :rockin: :thup:

Grassland, Of course using steroids is not ok…the point is williams has failed more than one drug test…How many chances should this guy get…

Sorry zebo, but Ricky Williams obviously has a lot worse problems than smoking pot, namely: anxiety and depression. If he wants to smoke up instead of going on some uppers, then power to him.

I admit to being an old fashioned guy but if i have 5 children by three women don't i have a duty to earn as much as possible to support my many families? and if i have the ability to earn millions of dollars for that purpose and one of the rules is don't smoke dope if i care for my families then i don't smoke dope end of story.

I dont anyone is disputing that he broke the rules and has to pay the price. I agree its a rule to not smoke pot so he shouldnt do it, but to scutinze a guy the way some people are seems a tad ridiculous. Calling him a druggie and kicking him out of the game for life seems a little over the top for smoking some pot. I imagine if every work place tested for pot wed hardly have any workforce left. His crime isnt that bad and to be honest i dont even see the point of testing for pot but thats a whole new topic.

I guess that the NFL is too good, and drug use is not a problem. There will be alot of youngsters that will think that if my hero's use drugs then it's ok.
God help us!!!

I think Rickie is going to get to play some for Miami, just to display that he can still get yards.
Miami doesn't want him and he'll be dealt as soon as they can get a 3rd or 4th rounder for him.
He's really dug a hole and he'll need a BIG shovel to get out. At this point, I'm not sure I care if he does...

It's not just the pot, he walked away from his team and left them hanging while he traveled the world taking pictures and smoking ganja