NFL Regular Season 23/24

Of the Top 100 beyond the highest-profile names and those not mentioned already, here are some other notables:

It's amazing for whom a team will pay $4M.

I am not sure I understand Seattle's strategy here to backup Geno Smith, but oh well.

  • Broncos' Alex Singleton: Re-signs with Broncos

Rotowire MAR 13, 2023

The Broncos re-signed Singleton to a three-year, $18 million contract Monday, Mike Klis of 9News Denver reports.

Singleton led the Denver defense in tackles last season, notching a career-high 163 tackles (100 solo). After drastically outperforming his one-year deal in 2022, it's no surprise the Broncos were compelled to keep the veteran linebacker in Denver for the next three seasons with a deal that includes $9 million in guarantees. The 29-year-old will look to pick up where he left off as a strong IDP option, attempting to maintain his extraordinary efficiency in a significant role for Denver's defense.


Eagles Release Minshew For ...Mariota!?

Well, I will gauge some of the thinking here locally in Philadelphia and will have to catch how the homers are reacting too.

The thinking here is perhaps that Mariota can back up Hurts' offense better than can Minshew.

Or perhaps Minshew really wants to start bad enough that he is going to play for the ...Colts?

Or it sounds like he is following the former Eagles offensive coordinator, and well, I can't blame him there.

But Mariota as the right backup for Hurts is so narrow a view and hardly the only flaw in this move in my opinion, for the backup, as opposed to another starter one cannot afford, who can backup Hurts does not exist in the NFL! Hurts has a unique offense for himself.

Minshew can run a decent offense as a backup. Or we shall see as the starter for the ...Colts.

Mariota could not run one in Atlanta as a starter. No thanks and terrible move here!

Somebody might have to hold me back before I go full Superb Owl with escalated bojack swoops before too long!


As a non Eagles fan I would think that Mariotta would make a better backup than
Minshew. Although Mariotta will never live up to his high draft standing he did play pretty well for New Orleans when he wasn’t injured.

Is it that you don’t like Mariotta or do you think Minshew is better?

Aaron Rodgers Channels Lebron James But With Bro-Tastic Softball Media Friends Because He's Being A Diva Again Too

I wonder how long it too Rodgers to decide between McAfee or his other softballing bro-tastic media coddler, instead of just being the class act that Rodgers is not and just going to the NFL Network and having it from there professionally if concerned about any given media outlet?

"OH NO! I GOT MY BRO-TASTIC BRAND NOW TOO AND KNOW MY DEMOGRAPHIC!" and the like from this self-absorbed < omitted > that is Rodgers!

And they are doing it on YouTube too.

May this be the first of many curses we place upon Aaron Rodgers right now for as long as he plays in the NFL!

Trade a heavy doubt for a certainty - we've seen Minshew do it and he can improve.

We've seen what Mariota has done in Atlanta and before and no thanks.

You want him down there in Dallas? Before too long you might get him from us a lot cheaper too the way this one looks.

I could think of worse backups for the oft injured Prescott. Remember that we recently had Dalton for some time. I guess since you guys won your only Super Bowl with a backup that it is more relevant in Philly. Almost always a backup ain’t gonna get you a win in the big game, much less MVP. Funny how not much has gone right for Foles since then. I guess anyone can have a good game or two, even on the big stage.

Here's some hot sauce for your heavy snark, sir.

No snark intended. Just observations.

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The Cowboys have added Brandin Cooks to their receiving corps. By their own admission they were short on receivers last year after reading away Amari Cooper. Prevailing wisdom has it that they will no longer be interested in Beckham. I don’t know if Cooks will be the right component but guess we’ll see.

[> Blockquote](Report: Cowboys acquire WR Cooks from Texans

All due respect, Eagles will go as far as Hurts and company take them.
Any back up will see (hopefully anyway) limited time.
4 quarters for a dollar in terms of who is the back up.

And Mariotta was playing for the Falcons. He will have a better team to play with if he does see the field.

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For all this ability and talent, I was tired of Beckham's sideshow a few seasons ago for sure. I'm thinking he and Rodgers talk occasionally. They find each other you know?

There's celebration on the field upon a touchdown and doing it up right, but oh no he's one of those who has to make it about him off the field whether he performs or not.

Social media made this far worse circa 2012 or so when Twitter had become mainstream and it was all about those hot takes on tweets before Instagram took more of that action along with TikTok a few years ago. It's all CRAP for and self-adulation for most of these people who are not doing it after actual accomplishments on the field.

Perhaps somebody else will take a chance on Beckham, but it's fool's gold given all the money he thinks he deserves now especially with the "headache contingency" for the management of your team given his overriding need to make it all about him far beyond his talent and ability.

This is a script that seems to repeat itself over the years especially with any given top receiver.

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I assure you we locals will have far more to say than that lame fair-weather Atlanta crowd, otherwise more interested generally in college football down there, if Mariota fails spectacularly as I think he will if he does see the field too much.

Those who don’t like Roger Goodell will not be happy with this news. Despite his shortcomings, similar to Gary Bettman, it would appear that money talks.

(Report: NFL owners expected to finalize Goodell extension

little bit confused here. What exactly is bad about Goodall and Bettman???

That might be a good new thread in itself, but for sure we have had much to say about either over the years here on the forum already.

There's some shots at Bettman also in the Arizona Coyotes thread for example.

We would end up going way off-topic going far down those roads here though.

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Many don’t like them for various reasons, including in this forum. The article mentions that Goodell has received a lot of criticism for discipline issues and player safety issues and obviously he botched the whole Kaepernick thing. Bettman has received similar criticism (except for Kaepernick of course) and also some consider him to be anti Canadian, especially after the Jets and Nordiques left.

I’m not saying these criticisms are valid, merely answering your question.

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thanks to both of you for responding

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Three groups of bidders are described.

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QB Cam Newton and DJ Fluker

Decent backup in the right offense and hidden old gold are my guesses on these two guys.