NFL Regular Season 23/24

the whole racism thing has been NFLs dirty little not so secret forever. it’s time for the owners and their puppet Goodell to pay the piper.


The chutzpah here with this logic by Tom Brady.

Let me see now where this sort of twisted logic can go...
"You know, there was that time when I tried to rob a bank because I needed money for my basic necessities that month, but damn if I showed up before it was open and I could not get into the vault, so I just left and nothing was damaged you know. It's like it never even happened! And so of course rightfully I was let off the hook, because I did not accomplish anything."

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Whoever said "sharks don't eat sharks," well, it's not true.


I saw this yesterday but didn’t put much stock in it. The headline doesn’t match the substance of the article. Plus it’s the New York Post. Pure speculation with absolutely no evidence and in fact all evidence in the article is to the contrary.

Candidates for the year end awards...

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It is tea leaves only now, but they are well worth reading when in multiples and so it's the job of journalism to report at the very least.

I'm okay with the reporting and do not agree with your broad conclusion at all, for that report was hardly unique to The New York Post at that with plenty more chatter in the press on the matter.

I don't agree with your broad-brushing of the publication for whatever reason you might have in that regard as opposed to reviewing the report in the collective media context.

For example, I have nothing for or against The New York Post and though I am not keen on either The New York Times or The Washington Post and many others, no doubt I read their reports and note the collective context if any is at hand.

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i expect Elon Musk to swoop in and make a bid to buy the Washington Commanders then try to change the name back to what it was before Commanders.

it’s worth keeping in mind that Bezos could afford to buy all the NFL teams. at once.

seriously would the existing greedy selfish tribe of owners let him in? not likely.

also rumours are he covets the seahawks ownership more (trust of late Paul Allen).

watch for Larry Ellison - he’s expressed interest in owning a team and is another of the worlds richest asshats.

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Oh well it appears we are guaranteed yet another major elite asshat in Washington.

And so how is such a virtual fait accompli considered news?

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haha three games to full on off season and i’m ready to have football withdrawal symptoms already :joy:

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i may need to find a way to stream some XFL

The thing I was focusing on was the article, which said exactly the opposite of what the headline did. I consider it irresponsible journalism. And I do consider the Post to be a tabloid much closer to the National Enquirer than anything and nowhere near the Washington Post and NY Times, both papers of record. I thought the article was no better than gossip and didn’t contain a shred of evidence to back up the headline. We can agree to disagree.

Cross-posting here for sake of how massive an impact the NFL was for Amazon.

The exact figures are not available and would not be available and would be private analytics within Amazon, but putting the facts otherwise together, it would be difficult if not imaginative to conclude any other driver of that much subscription growth enough to beat even a surging Netflix in 4Q2022!


I agree on your first line, and we have to agree to disagree on the rest.

I prefer to read the article and look at the context beyond the medium before drawing conclusions.

I feel as do you about many another publication including even some of those cited as "reputable" or even more off-putting the term you use, for otherwise private journalism not government announcement, "papers of record,"
but my approach is entirely different.

In modern media over the years especially since about 2008, many have become more like tabloids but a misleading headline does not make a publication a tabloid either.

I find it's best to read the article for the content and then draw from the context in the news when it's not entirely a matter unique to any given medium.

If the article is reported as an exclusive and has a misleading headline, otherwise I would agree with your point, but that's not the case with this report on news otherwise published and on which I could have selected another link as well but happened to choose that one.

Carolina has hired Frank Reich to be thier new head coach.

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Well, in reviewing the NFL news the last few days, other than the matter of Mahomes' injury there is not terribly that much of high note.

There's an awful lot of pre-game "make-news" and hype akin to a dreadfully extended edition of an NFL pregame show, for which an hour is already too long.

And it's that time of year - this is merely the prelude to after Monday after the games on Sunday, when all the nonsense and make-news starts for the Super Bowl for a very long two weeks.

And so here we go with the off-season again, though at the very least it's not like the last three off-seasons and off we go to more hockey, soccer, or whatever you are into in the spring.

spring football please.

i’m waffling on this TSN+ thing. i have 5 TSN channels already and i only use maybe two of them. it says the TSN+ thing is in free preview mode but i suspect that means they’ll charge me the minute the XFL starts.


When I read it initially it appeared that the free preview mode would last several months, but they didn’t specify exactly how long. I haven’t looked at TSN+ yet but plan to this weekend, at least for the golf. As always I can’t see myself being interested in spring football.

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usually i’m getting into hockey now but my team is a catastrophic tire fire and i’m turned off hockey for other larger reasons.


Was reading a discussion on the Ticats forum about whether fans had the capability of running a coach out of town. I don't know the answer but they are trying to do just that to Saturday in Indianapolis.

The fans tried to do that to Sirianni in Philly without success and are now happy that they failed.