NFL Regular Season 23/24


But why wouldn’t they just eliminate kickoffs now?

Instead, the make a rule that punishes teams who have skilled kickers and coverage schemes while rewarding return teams who fail to make an effort.

Surely, there are better ways to improve safety without damaging the competitive integrity of the game. Eliminating kickoffs altogether would be one way. Adding a flag rule on kick returns would be another. Introducing a no-yards halo would be another. The XFL arrangement would be yet another.

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yeah, this one

Oh as implied in the linked article, and as has been bantered about for years now, they are working towards that goal.

I’m thinking this trial is simply a set up so they can attempt to concoct their favourable statistics in that light, “whoa fewer returns - look there more safety now!” as the obvious one and “well X percentage of kickoffs were touchbacks anyway, so then why even …” and so forth to craft a narrative and propaganda.

As the article from The Athletic stated, the NFL would have various problems by going “cold turkey” on this one right now, but they are simply using their media to try to shape this “it’s for safety” propaganda much as they have since they have used those stooges of theirs such as the outstanding corporate media puppet, Mike Tirico, to utter the “it’s for safety you know!” lines for them such as on a broadcast of Monday Night Football back in 2010 or so.

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I do like the idea of their experimentation with the kickoff, and it would be a great conversation also in the XFL thread or a new thread too.

The onside kick definitely needs reform though not a 4th and 15 gimmick in American football, but that is another debate at hand.

Cardinals release veteran WR Hopkins

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They tried but too much opposition to taking away the Kick Off. Now they are exploring every avenue to make it an actual football play.
It’s a strange situation but I’m guessing they want to bring some of the excitement of the three down kicking game into what is a bland exchange of field position in the NFL.


so you dont want any reincarnation of P. Manning or D. Marino then

Just wondering :slight_smile:

i don’t believe in reincarnation

how about incarnation

i don’t understand what religion has to do with this.

anyways, if you’re gonna go all NFL on me then for modern day football i would take LJ, Mahomes and Josh Allen ahead of those two guys you mentioned.


no religion, just cliche expressions.

How about Manning or Marino clone, in either league.

I am Allen fan, not so much the other guy. I have always preferred the agile movers but I would not sneeze at the best pocket passers either

I wish the BC lions had one

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other two guys you mean

oh yeah. My jury is out on LJ.

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those are literally the three best quarterbacks on the planet, and Mahomes is #1.

Lamar is the best running quarterback in the NFL and probably any league on earth.

yeah, I know M is great, just dont cheer for his team and have had othr favorites, both runners and pocket passers, that I like better

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you guys and your cheering. do you ever think objectively about football?

That would destroy the bookies’ incomes!


how does one do that???

I have never objected to football.


The argument that more kickoff rules in the NFL is primarily about safety, with all else that is ignored including not only these examples and also the more obvious for a league that had Tua and Hamlin happen last season, continues to be utter bunk.

These changes on trial are primarily about having even more predictable television timeouts than since the first round of changes. To be clear, enough had changed already and now the NFL still has to fix that onside kick fiasco.

Slater pointed out there are other areas the league could improve safety and health. He mentioned “Thursday Night Football,” synthetic turf over natural grass and health care and disability benefits as examples.

“But I can give you a long list of examples where the league and powers that be do not act in the best interest of the players,” Slater said. “I understand we want to reduce head injuries and things of that nature, but we don’t always act as if player health and safety is paramount,” Slater said. “If we’re really concerned with player safety and health, let’s talk about some of the real issues. Let’s not talk about a play, when [a high percentage of the time] the ball is kicked off, it’s injury-free.”

“For a player like myself, I wouldn’t have had a career most likely [without] this play,” Slater said. “I [also] understand the players that came before me – the [Steve] Taskers, the [Bill] Bateses – who were able to establish themselves and have careers in this league because of the kicking game.”

Slater is far from the only person to criticize the rule change. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and Baltimore Ravens John Harbaugh were both outspoken against it, with the defending Super Bowl champion coach asking, “Where does it stop?”

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