NFL Regular Season 22/23

It's only two games and no trend for the most part with perhaps a few exceptions for the teams that are 2-0, but these are minor surprises so far.

Jacksonville 1-1 atop the AFC South?

Winless - Cincinnati, the rest of that AFC South

Key Games Coming Up Week 3

Sunday Early - Bills at Dolphins , Ravens at Patriots

Sunday Evening - Rams at Cardinals, Packers at Bucs

Sunday Night - 49ers at Broncos


Agree with all but the Bills-Dolphins. Dolphins played the "best we can get on a budget" Ravens last week. I'm gonna bet that one looks more like last nights Bills game than the Ravens-Dolphins game this week.

Hmmm. Just as I am about to post the games for this week’s pool. Still, we need an easy one or two as many are difficult.

But we could all be surprised by that result too. Was in Vegas a few years ago and the cabbie said he was cleaning up betting on the underdog that season.

Sometimes its like that....

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Anyone else see this? Awesome.


Gave you the chills that was cool . Right here right now .

I went on twitter to see it and saw this comment .

The poem he recited to the team after the first super bowl loss still resonates with me. "Fight on, my men,” Sir Andrew said, “a little I’m hurt but not yet slain. I’ll just lie down and bleed a while, and then I’ll rise and fight again." Go Bills

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Browns Win. ..... Browns Win .......

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I'm with Al Michaels though. Traumatic is about the only way you could describe Trubisky's time in Chicago. I think he needs a few more weeks to get his feet under him yet.

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Very old fashioned game last night .

keep it simple for him .

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He needs confidence......reality is it's what the Elks have done. Add to the playbook week by week game by game.....

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Pretty good games going on in Boston and Miami right now. The Saints are also getting smoked by the Panthers, of all teams.

Colts upset the Chiefs

Great! Never would have predicted that.

Lamar Jackson looked like an MVP today and four second half turnovers did in the Patriots.

Raiders just missed the two point convert and are down by 2 with1:14 left and just failed on the onside kick so looks like they will lose as well.

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The Detroit Lions always find creative ways to blow games.


Just watching that now. Didn’t see the game but they were up by quite a bit not that long ago.

Lots of good games left today. Brady vs Rodgers next.

I’d say this guy has seen better days but he hasn’t.

And the Packers win a close one. Brady looked like a rookie on the potential game tying drive by running the play clock out twice. The first time on the TD, which he got away with, and the second time on the potential tying two point convert, which cost them dearly.

And how did the Jaguars beat the Chargers 38-10? Maybe Trevor Lawrence is actually really good?


When you start interception, fumble, and Jags are up 10 points ten minutes in that's not good.
Jags also had the ball 20 minutes in the second half. Defences don't do well when that happens.

How about Tua's 10 second concussion protocol? I expect a lot of fall out there. Just saw the post game and Dolphins staff is lying through their teeth about that.

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I saw the highlight where he was stumbling around like a newborn fawn. Even a non doctor could diagnose that. Go figure.

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it’s being investigated by NFLPA