NFL Regular Season 22/23

Lamar Jackson is not reliable as far as closing out games when the Ravens build a lead.

He's made it this far after being written off years ago by many including those now dishonest as merely a college star, I figure Jackson is still young enough that he can change that flaw in his offence.

Now either the Ravens show up in the playoffs well this season and next, or I don't see it from him there in Baltimore.


You’re right. He can’t close. When he’s on he looks as good as any QB. Having the best kicker in history should make it easier as well.


Good-bye Rams welcome to the 2023 Training Camp List, and welcome Cardinals and Saints to the bubble list.

What will the Raiders do now after missing the long field goal in overtime?

A tie would grant the Raiders salvation on the bubble list.

It seems to me we could find out all the have-nots earlier than usual this season.

All the teams you have mentioned today are done.


And Tucker was 4/4 today with a 55 yarder (chip shot) until he was just inches short on a 67 yarder to win the game as time expired. I figured he had about a 50/50 shot at it.

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i was actually surprised he missed that even at that distance because it's Jason Tucker for the win in the 4th quarter.

Not so fast! Raiders win! And so long as the Chargers are in that division with such inconsistency, there is a chance at that cherished seventh playoff spot if they run that table.

But I am only dreaming.

i hope the eagles destroy the tin foil hat pack


Which, the Jags winning or the Ravens not stopping them when the game was on the line? (Which I think may have happened before this year....)

Arizona did the same thing....


hah! the Jags winning.

Tin Foil hat boy is out. May need surgery for the thumb if crystals and the witch doctor fail to fix it.....


oh he's out? i knew he's been hurt with fractured thumb but wasn't sure if we was going to keep playing.

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How about a solid punch to the face followed by a solid elbow to the chin strap to help knock him to some sense for starters?

Alright, I know, I know, I may be getting ahead of myself and the kickoff whistle.

he's probably already taking invermectin for it


Well I don't have the game on yet. What's the official word? If he's out, I have to wonder how long too given the cold and damp weather wreaks havoc on sore joints.

But, but I thought he was immunized?

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It looked like Mike White was interested in having a starting job this afternoon. Made the Bears secondary look like a JV unit. Of course, losing Brisker and Gordon before the game...And Eddie Jackson during the game didn't help...

I would say that Zach Wilson probably played his last game for the Jets because their D is playoff calibre...

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Sorry Paolo but the Raiders are terrible. Carr has choked his way to a terrible record and is one of the worst starters in the league. Put a fork in ‘em.

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looks like the flat earth tom thumb is playing

Rodgers has not missed a game since suffering the injury and will play today against the Eagles. Rodgers told reporters on Wednesday that surgery has not been considered this season.

the raiders, broncos, texans and colts are all ridiculously bad