NFL Regular Season 22/23


They sure as heck didn't make it easy for the Bills though. Last second field goals are not exactly dominating......


that one handed TD catch by Lamb of the Cowboys was absolutely ridiculous


haha omg this is hilarious


Cowboys looked pretty dominant in the second half. Just finished watching. Loved the whack a mole TD celebration in the Salvation Army tub. Also loved all the Madden moments they showed. Great to honour him this year. I want to try one of those Turducken creations.


Didn’t see the game but the Lions are better this year, at least offensively. They won’t make the playoffs though.

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Kinda expected they would pull away at some point. The way they started the second half it was pretty certain it was all over for the Giants.

Lamb was ridiculous today....when you say one handed catch its like, which one?


Did you when he was using the reply to show him cutting :slightly_smiling_face::wink:

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lmao yea i saw that clip too. so hilarious :joy:


It's okay though for some at work because we check threads during slow time or on break. Go for it.

Of course here in the US, this is a largely inapplicable point for most of us on American Thanksgiving, but it stands in general for those who are working on whatever day.

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i can't believe how bad the Broncos are. Hackett's job has to be in jeopardy now.

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They are brutal. Looks like the Russell Wilson signing might go down as one of the worst in NFL history.

Good to see Brady lose in OT as well. Looking good for him to miss the playoffs or get smoked if they somehow eke in.


Wilson has always been totally overrated IMO. lol Wilson and the Broncos made Pete Carroll and John Schneider look like geniuses.

yea i want Brady to feel the agony of defeat for the rest of the season if possible. sad mad Brady needs to ride off into the sunset.


haha the trade for Wilson basically went down like this:

  • Broncos get: Quarterback Russell Wilson, fourth-round pick.
  • Seahawks get: Quarterback Drew Lock, defensive lineman Shelby Harris, tight end Noah Fant, two first-round picks, 2022 second-round pick, 2023 second-round pick, fifth-round pick.

then Wilson and the Broncos agreed to a five-year contract worth $245 million, which was second behind tinfoil hat guys as the highest paid quarterback in the league at $49 million per season (Rodgers was at $50 million). $165 million guaranteed which is third in the league behind Deshaun Watson and Kyler Murray.

what a bunch of overpaid bums that list is


It’s looking like the trade for Wilson could be similar to the tinfoil hat for 3 Super Bowls trade between Dallas and Minnesota in the 90’s.


Sports'd Out and Sunday Night Football in Philadelphia

It's not often that I find myself "sport's out," as in mentally exhausted from all the games since Thursday let alone the World Cup now, but definitely I have been there since earlier today when watching some early NFL action and the World Cup games.

So here in Philadelphia, working tonight like often on Sunday evenings but easy money with access to the game on my monitor as usual, it did stop raining and the temperature is rising to about a warm 14C for the season.

It is quite humid and damp, but it's the football weather one would expect on a rainy day in September or October not so much late November.

Obviously the Eagles have quite a history against Aaron Rodgers' Packers much as Brett Favre's, and this is our grudge match and barring a rematch in the playoffs, I would hope this is the last time to see him play here too. I'm sure my fellow locals will give him a proper sending off at the very least.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend, so Go Eagles!
I actually like the Eagles anyway. My in-laws are from Philly.


Teams Saving Themselves and Teams Getting Ready For Training Camp 2023 Effective Monday Morning 28 November 2022

I am being facetious here, but these are the teams that now can waive undesired costly players, sign eager free agents, and start building their draft pools to build now for their 2023 future:

Playing for Pride, Spoiler, and 2023


Oh sure there might be that miniscule shot at squeaking into a playoff spot if running the table to win the rest of their games, but forget about it.

And on the bubble today yet saving their future for at least one more week, also with pressure to win the rest of their games or face the same fate, are the following three teams:


Otherwise, the Raiders and the Rams are fighting to save themselves as I type tonight, and the Steelers face their opportunity at salvation on the road on Monday Night Football.

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woah the jags beat the ravens, didn't expect that one

Last minute apparently. The Ravens led all
game until the end. Can’t figure out what’s up with them.