NFL Regular Season 22/23

I haven't come across any tread for last season.

Could always do a brand new tread.

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Sounds good

We should definitely do a new thread when the time comes. Until later…


Reading past the headline, indeed there is a marketing angle here for greater engagement of the next generation of fans as well as increases in global exposure of gridiron football.

On the other hand tackling by players in the secondary has been terrible for some time now and though there is an abundance of big guys to play line who are bigger and stronger on average than ever, well I agree with the chatter that there is a shortage of linemen that shows up on lower NFL teams, in the CFL, and overwhelmingly most of the NCAA who can block, rush, or run-stop consistently.

I'm not taking the physical game we enjoy for granted given the declines in participation by youth in tackle football.

Flag football is not the future for me should this gridiron rug be pulled out from under us.

I have enough years behind me to enjoy however much of tackle football is still left despite too many soft penalty calls of late and all the hijinks in the media coverage for over a decade now.

I would have loved a chance to play pro touch/flag ball. I have been entertained well by watching local games over the years. At least that was so last century.

Timely hilarity here and overlooked great work by the lawyers for Mahomes and Coors:

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These players are always longshots for the crossover for this sort of jump, but note the common thread.

Four of these six players never played in a regular season NFL game.

One player of the six on this list, the wide receiver Isaiah Zuber, did play for the New England Patriots for four games in 2020. He really should not be on this list, for he is former NFL first not former USFL.

Another player, DL Doug Costin, was in Jacksonville for two seasons. Ditto the previous and he should not be on this list either.

The common thread for the other four who are either newcomers, or back in the NFL going to try to make it beyond the practice roster, is that they are all defensive players.

That fact is hardly a coincidence given the low-quality football in that league.

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NFL training camps have now opened and I expect increased interest as a result.

Below is an article about the Buffalo Bills and the 13 second miracle loss they suffered last year in one of the best games ever played. The Bills aren’t my team but I expect some of those in Southern Ontario may be pulling for them. They certainly have to be considered one of the top 3 or so pre season favourites to win it all.

(Bills open camp seeking to shake sting of '13 Seconds' loss Buffalo Bills Kansas City Chiefs 13 seconds AFC divisional playoff -

Tom Brady has been given a potentially awesome weapon if Julio Jones is healthy and can keep his head screwed on tight.

(Report: Bucs add seven-time Pro Bowl WR Jones Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign Julio Jones Tennessee Titans Atlanta Falcons -

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Brady wants 10 rings before he's done.

Might get one more but that's about it.

I think this will truly be his last year and I think Tampa will fall very short.


It is the norm that the great ones carry on for one too many fights.


Without Gronk it might be a challenge for Brady for a ring.

I disagree here - he played horribly in the playoffs and is past his time given some very old injury history, on which he had well beaten the odds.

The best thing for Gronk to do is to go wrestle maybe or be a clown somewhere - good riddance for the attention diva he is anyway. He sucked as an analyst on Fox when he had that gig after his first retirement.

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Why the hate on Gronk.

At least he plays the games instead out walking out in the middle it.

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I cant remember who did that??

Antonio Brown from the Buccaneers.

Should be on YouTube

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It looks like Dan Snyder will testify after all today live from his yacht anchored off of the Italian coast, although it remains unclear as to how much he will say potentially because of non disclosure agreements. I know that @Paolo_X had a lot to say about this clown previously, I believe on last year’s thread.

(Commanders owner Snyder will testify voluntarily before Congress restricted-content)

For those in the US that may not be able to access the TSN link, essentially the same article on the ESPN website can be linked to below.

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The Chiefs are apparently signing defensive end Carlos Dunlap. Oh yeah, go Chiefs!

I went ahead and put a link about the matter of Dan Snyder, for sake of also overlooked context, in the Deshaun Watson thread: