NFL Regular Season 22/23


Why the hate on Gronk.

At least he plays the games instead out walking out in the middle it.

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I cant remember who did that??

Antonio Brown from the Buccaneers.

Should be on YouTube

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It looks like Dan Snyder will testify after all today live from his yacht anchored off of the Italian coast, although it remains unclear as to how much he will say potentially because of non disclosure agreements. I know that @Paolo_X had a lot to say about this clown previously, I believe on last year’s thread.

(Commanders owner Snyder will testify voluntarily before Congress restricted-content)

For those in the US that may not be able to access the TSN link, essentially the same article on the ESPN website can be linked to below.

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The Chiefs are apparently signing defensive end Carlos Dunlap. Oh yeah, go Chiefs!

I went ahead and put a link about the matter of Dan Snyder, for sake of also overlooked context, in the Deshaun Watson thread:

The NFL should grow a pair and take the franchise away from Snyder.

Got to be a Jerry Jones pick.

Jones' influence also has to be toned down.


Well here's a welcome change for FEWER "roughing the passer" calls with so many that have been utter BS in the last few years especially.

But I have two concerns:

  1. Will the NFL officials actually be consistent in enforcement of the now more relaxed interpretation of the rules?

  2. I call BS right now on Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers - I bet the officials enforce the prior strict interpretation of the rules from recent years just for them as otherwise, for example, Lamar Jackson is allowed to be roughed in the pocket all the same.

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Things ain’t looking too good for Marshhawn Lynch.

(Police: Lynch was asleep, car damaged before arrest Marshawn Lynch suspicion of driving while intoxicated -

big apology from watson. man browns are cursed.

Today is the first day of roster cuts.

More cuts are coming on 23 August with the final ones on 30 August.

A few teams have already cut more than required.

Please note as is often overlooked:

Here's a running tracker of all 32 teams' roster cuts, keeping in mind that many of these players will end up either claimed by other teams or back on their original teams' practice squads for 2022.

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More shenanigans from the Commanders organization. In fairness, the practice of trainers illegally distributing prescription drugs to players appears to have been and maybe still is pretty widespread. The players still have a class action suit pending and have had one dismissed for missing a limitation date. Although it was mentioned as having occurred, there seems to be no action being taken against Commandeer team physicians that wrote bogus prescriptions to facilitate the scam. An interesting read.

(Ex-Commanders trainer Vermillion's illegal drug distribution charges could be dropped restricted-content)

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If this Dana White guy can be believed, Brady and Gronkowski were almost members of the LA Raiders rather than the Bucs. He says only a Jon Gruden veto prevented it from happening.

(White: Gruden nixed deal to bring Brady and Gronk to Raiders restricted-content)

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Simply because Dana White of UFC would have had his ear to the sand and the Strip for sake of the sports and entertainment scene in their home of Las Vegas, I would buy the report right there but there's also evidence from Gronk as well as an implication of the same via Brady.

That link shows up restricted for those of us not in Canada, so here's the CBS edition of the story that is accessible from the US if not also beyond for anybody else not in Canada:

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I am re-posting this updating link here with the next cuts coming on Tuesday, 23 August.

Though it is unlikely all the updates will be made for sake of which players cut who have been re-signed, and of course there's no guarantee those players in turn make the final cuts made by Tuesday, 30 August anyway, consider these players as updated on Tuesday the "early shopping list" for interested CFL teams:

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Here is the brand new Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego built on the site that used to be home of the Chargers. Facility cost $310 million and holds 35,000. Supposedly, the stadium is upgradeable to 55,000 should the city succeed in attracting an NFL team. Seriously? An NFL owner would literally laugh at somebody pitching this establishment as their future home.

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So, San Diego say hello to the XFL after Las Vegas "just does not work out"? (because the Raiders said "No" whether they have legal right or not?)

One ranking of NFL QB’s in various categories.

[Ranking NFL QBs in 12 key categories restricted-content](Ranking NFL QBs in 12 key categories restricted-content)

In maybe a bit of a surprise the Panthers have picked Mayfield over Darnold to start. Both high first round picks that have yet to justify their lofty selection status. At least Mayfield should be better than whomever Cleveland is starting.

(Panthers name Mayfield starting QB Baker Mayfield Carolina Panthers Week 1 starter -

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For @Jon
1year @ $1.5M
Great deal for a 3rd line center

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