NFL Regular Season 22/23

I wanted to post something on the old 21/22 NFL thread but couldn’t find it easily as it has fallen far down in the power rankings. Someone also made a suggestion that it is probably time to start a new thread for the upcoming season, which obviously isn’t that close to happening yet, although training camps aren’t that far away. So I decided to start a new thread for this year.

Many of you have probably heard about the Browns trading Curtis Mayfield to the Panthers today. Below is an article containing some interesting factoids. Sam Darnold and Mayfield will compete for the starting job in Carolina. Both were drafted in the same year and drafted ahead of Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen, which with 20/20 hindsight was a bad mistake.

In addition, it now appears fairly probable that Cleveland will be without an NFL level QB for the coming year after Deshaun Watson is suspended. The most telling and hard to believe fact, as mentioned in the article, is that Cleveland has had 32 starting QB’s since 1999. Welcome to whomever will be 33.

(Panthers acquire Mayfield from Browns Carolina Panthers Baker Mayfield trade Cleveland Browns -

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Curtis Mayfield really had it going back in his day too, but your points are correct.

Anyway, since you brought him up ... :grin:


This is an amazing fact to go with this remarkable development.

It's a revolving door of quarterbacks. I have to wonder should they ever find a great one who is actually better on the field than all the hype that surrounded Mayfield and a few others who preceded him, if that will finally be the franchise guy around for a decade.

I can see why Carolina might have thought to insure their position with two former starters of underperforming teams and who did not come close to matching their hype including most especially that Mayfield thanks to the hype machine from ESPN.


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So do we merge threads or not? The other thread was abandoned in all fairness. I'm okay with this new one.

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Are you willing to start up the weekly picks for the NFL.

Don't have to pick the entire week.

Three or 4 games a week.

I am in.

I am in but I won't pick all games only the ones I want to pick. I used to be that way and only in certain weeks, but if there is a full-fledged contest to pick all games I understand but that is not for me.

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Sunday Night, America's game of the week in the 2nd block and maybe 1 or 2 games from the first block and Monday night should be sufficient for predictions.


Duncan Keith calls it quits after 17 seasons.

Thanks for the entertainment Duncan!!!

what team did he play for??

He posted in the wrong thread. Also it is possible he is eating cake tonight, and it just might be made from Duncan Hines so he got his Duncans and threads all mixed up.

I give him a pass because things are all mixed up today given that Rogers mess, and it feels like those in charge now are telling everybody they can eat cake tonight.

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Sorry Brain fart.... Oilers....maybe Houston maybe Edmonton....

Pssst the future you can click on the ... and then the trash can when that should help.

I do hope you leave it up here though because it's Brain Fart Day too.

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With my mental health challenges I can forget what I'm doing while I'm doing it.....Why I haven't been hired as a press agent by a politician is beyond me...


Well now I agree you should be in Mr. Beaver's cabinet as well once he wins the next election. There would be so much improvement well beyond Rogers!

I guess that was brain fart #1 yesterday. I didn’t realize there was another one and only saw last year’s thread. Since @FootbalYouBet created the other one I’ll leave it up to him if he wants to ask the mods to merge the threads.

Sure I would be willing to do something. Do you know if there was an NFL regular season pick thread last year? I don’t remember one but only joined in October. We did do the playoff one and plan to do that one again. Do you have any idea what level of interest there might be?

If we do only select games we will have to decide how that is done. I usually prefer to do all games but it’s a long season and that might only be attractive to a select few and there are tons of games unlike the CFL, so I get your point. If there are a lot of people or a lot of work are you willing to help?

Maybe in a month or so we should touch base and decide? We can PM each other when we get it going. Let me know what you think.

Random ideas including as proposed by @mahalcflers

Sunday Night Football - This is always a marquee game though sometimes there is a dud of sorts involving Chicago in the first few weeks.

Two or More Sunday Evening Games - One is the marquee game, and the other is usually on the west coast or in Denver. The latter will give more of the forum a window to enjoy like those on the west coast.

Two Other Games

The Entire Playoffs


Sounds like a good start. If we do the Sunday nighter, we should probably do one early and one afternoon Sunday game as well so there is interest all day. We could say use 4-6 games each week. Six if there are great matchups maybe and the option to use less. Allows for flex for thanksgiving and Monday and Thursday nighters. Playoffs I’m thinking would be a separate pool.


I watched a panel of 4 guys each tell who they thought was the best team on paper going into next season. One said Chargers, one said Rams, and two said Bills. This makes me very nervous as those are my 3 top teams. Things rarely goes as predicted.

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