NFL reg season 2023 - 2024

Thanks Jon . Good find but like I said earlier my eyeballs will be watching my Saints tonight. I might periodically pop in on the other game from time to time during breaks and what not and if the score is close probably for the 4th quarter when my game ends .

I have no skin in the game tonight so will be watching whatever is the best game at the time when both are going and will watch the early game until the second starts for sure and the late game after the first one ends, as long as neither is a blowout.

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I didn’t watch this game so hadn’t seen this but it appears that Eagles receiver AJ Brown forgot about the fact there is no I in team.


There is an article about this matter; however, it does not provide a complete explanation. There is also a Monday Night doubleheader next week.

I don’t care about tonight’s games anyway.

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NFL Highlights Like You Remember Them - For Free

So Pluto TV can be accessed in Canada and in the US amongst many other countries around the world, and perhaps also via Pluto TV if not via Google TV or your cable platform.

Of course you can access NFL highlights directly on the NFL website for a certain time, but if you are like me, you don’t have all the time to sort through all the games.

When I cut the cord on many occasions, I missed not having the sports highlights not simply run in the background as I was doing whatever else at home.

Well folks, now I have found a modern solution for what was never broken. Perhaps these were around for a few years, but it’s only now I noticed on the day after games instead of several days later.

Via Pluto TV, at least in the US and so if it’s not on via Canadian access, you can use a VPN or corporate network with access to US domains, there is the NFL Channel via the sports channels.

In the afternoon every Monday for six straight hours it is nothing but extended highlights with a few ordinary commercials. This is an easier way to catch some more of the plays.

In the US otherwise, NBC does a terrible job on the highlights as they shoehorn them during their pre-game for Sunday Night Football. They paid for those rights years ago and ousted ESPN NFL Primetime, which was THE BEST highlight show for years. Highlights have never been the same since.

Now one does not have to click through for hours or rely on awful NBC and can just catch some NFL highlights during the week via Pluto TV.


RFK Stadium and the Washington Commanders and To Be Renamed

So this history goes back to our country’s history in 1961 during the presidency of John F. Kennedy and a prior owner of the Redskins at the time, George Preston Marshall.

I know RFK Stadium well from my time living in Washington DC to go watch MLS and US national team and other soccer. The sight lines are outstanding.

I took the Washington Metro (subway) to the stadium every time but once too back then when it was easy, cheap, clean, and safe.

When the Redskins of the time moved to FedEx field in Landover, Maryland in 1997, the locals complained greatly about its sight lines and access.

Now the battle is on between competing factions for the new stadium in either northern Virginia or to stay in Maryland, so moving the team back to the District is an uphill battle but go figure Congress has to be involved because it sits on the grounds of a national park.

On this front, I am on Team Washington DC, though as many of you know, I certainly do not support the Commanders.



they should move to halifax and build a dome or something.


The best player in the league had his contract restructured today to make it closer to the value of some recent signings. Prior to that Mahomes was only the 8th highest paid QB pursuant to his current 10 year $450 million contract, I kid you not.

(Chiefs’ Mahomes gets historic payday with restructuring


Best player on the planet more like. I remember when he signed that last contract and it seemed huge then. Can’t believe he was 8th before his latest one. those amounts are mind-boggling.


The Future of NFL Monday Night Football

So big news has been out in the last day on the future of the franchise.

Look even how much MORE the NFL has stuck it to ESPN to keep its rights, but in the end ESPN and ABC are getting far more of their share now.

In US sports media, either you have NFL rights and connections or you are not going to be in any big-time business.

It wasn’t that long ago that ESPN was paying more for its NFL media deal than any other broadcast rightsholder — but still being treated like the league’s little brother.
That all changed when the NFL signed its latest set of media contracts totalling more than $110 billion.

ESPN’s $2.7 billion annual fee is still higher than the NFL’s other broadcast partners, but the Disney-owned network is finally getting its fair share of the football pie. This year, ESPN and ABC will air 21 NFL games in primetime — a record for Disney and the second-most ever for a single company in one NFL season.

I disagree with the author’s contention that ESPN is still not the NFL’s “little brother” and the implication of somehow not “low man on the totem pole” for sake of media rights.

Here is why I see it that way in yet another article by the same site:

The Walt Disney Company’s ABC will simulcast 15 regular season game telecasts of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” this season. Before the season, the strategy was to simulcast five regular season games. If you count the two playoff games, the sister Disney networks will share 17-game telecasts.

The goal is to provide viewers with as much original programming as possible during the ongoing work stoppage.


If there is a flaw of Front Office Sports, which often contains great journalism, it is how they will shill like this for the media establishment. Why they do so I do not know, for why unduly stick up for your competition in media? Or perhaps the outfit is simply laden with various hacks and shills like too many out there.

Look at the SPIN here! They are using the writers’ strike as their excuse to explain why they are going to simulcast, as I had predicted they would do all the more on ABC beyond as noted in December 2022 in the streaming thread.

I’ll give you the real reason more games are on ABC.

Plain and simple, ESPN is failing as a business and the NFL likely told ABC to put more on ABC so that the games are viewed by far more of an audience. There’s your explanation whether or not you use Occam’s razor too.

The future of Monday Night Football, so long as Disney has rights to it, is on ABC and and not ESPN. We already knew that in December 2022 when some games were moved over for a simulcast.


The performance of Canadians in the NFL to date:


The problem with starting 0-2 and the huge problem of starting 0-3.


The thing I did not like about the MNF games were the split screens….every TV now has ‘last channel’ flip capability now so if I want to watch that other game I’ll do that…hell, I may flip back and forth between games like an idiot sometimes, but it’s one-screen-one-game please….and it wasn’t like they split-screened when there was something important n the other game, they did it for everything, then it would disappear for a bit….you had no context as to how the other game was going, just ‘here’s three minutes thirty seven seconds of the other game going on’ (with no sound too)…dumb…


The power rankings after this week’s games. That the top 3 Super Bowl contenders are in the NFC after this week is exactly what I was thinking as well. Philly has not looked as impressive as Dallas and San Fran so far but it’s very early. The good thing is that Dallas and Philly will play twice and in Week 5 Dallas plays in San Francisco.

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I can’t believe there are two teams worse than the :bears:


It makes one wonder if after every season for the four worst teams, they should also have the Bizarro Playoffs, which are colloquially known as the Tidy Bowl Tournament.


I think Toilet Bowl is more appropriate.

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Well yes it’s true, but I feel it is better to present an incentive to the winner for cleaning up their :poop: ?

And so they win the Tidy Bowl or however they wish to spell it.


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Or relegation. Drop them to NCAA and bring Georgia up.
I mean, the NCAA is openly pro anyway, right?


I’d bet on the Bulldogs beating the Bears.