NFL reg season 2023 - 2024

They sure assign you social workers early in Chicagoland. Probably a good thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

(My relatives live there and have been there many times. Best music city in the world.)

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6th grade. I was going through some things. I agree - early intervention is important.


Pretty good game going on in KC at the moment in the Super Bowl rematch. 7-7 with about 7 left in the first half. Mahomes just threw an IT on the end zone after a nice March and Hurts threw one before that during a decent march. Looks like this could be a good one.


you speaked to soon

And not surprisingly friend of the CFL Chris Berman gave his annual shout out to the Grey Cup game with brief highlights in his fastest 3 minutes segment at halftime. :canada:


Nice it happened during a good tight game that has a lot of viewers too…

KC Eagles had been what we expected - good tight football. The difference so far to me is Mahomes legs that keep the ball moving for KC.


Hard to believe the Chefs choked the game away tonight. Two critical drops at the end. They said KC leads the league in drops with 26.

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Trouble in Pittsburgh. Good thing I haven’t made my pool picks yet.

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This week’s power rankings:

Canadians in the NFL:

An interesting story on the history of Thanksgiving games, including information on the ridiculous amount of food served at stadiums on America’s #1 holiday.

Even the fans couldn’t catch what #15 was throwing…

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Somebody needs to remind these people at Front Office Sports to quit homering for ESPN when now most of the games for Monday Night Football are on ABC simulcast to ESPN and to the Manningcast on ESPN2 for many games.

Games that are free over-the-air is the sole reason the ratings are far higher as well as the matchups are far better.

The NFL is NOT looking back to cable only ESPN here for Monday Night Football. The NFL already has a Thursday night package that is streaming only, and most of those games suck too though the production is the best right now in my opinion.

As I sat there at my cousin’s place over pasta with homemade sauce and wine last night watching the game here near Philadelphia, and the meal and wine were great as we nervously watched as the Eagles took the lead and then barely held on yet again, I commented that the game had a playoff atmosphere as did ABC’s production.

May ABC continue to keep this up and not slack back to the lower quality of ESPN ever since Monday Night Football inadvisably moved to ESPN in 2006, though part of that deal was payback and extortion of the NFL of Disney and ESPN after their arrogance and misdeeds in tarnishing the NFL shield in the preceding years since 2003.

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It is confirmed. The New York Jets, and their stadium and also their fans, all suck too according also to an NFL player survey.

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In the “now I have seen it all” department, Colts owner Irsay whining about how he was arrested and convicted of drunk driving because of the prejudice against white biliionaires. This would easily be the laugh of the month if it wasn’t so sad. Coming from an alcoholic and drug addict to boot. Certainly it would be much safer and much less prejudice would be suffered had he been a poor black youth. We all know that.


this guy sounds just like Musk, Bezos and Trump. funny that.


Perhaps his helicopters were out being repaired that day?

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It’s about time someone stood up for that marginalized demographic! :roll_eyes:


He sounds more like “a typical obnoxious entitled rich , white asshole” if you ask me . He also sounds eerily similar to another rich white entitled asshole who is currently running for POTUS .


First Black Friday Game and NFL Scheduling Strategy Thanksgiving Day Weekend USA

Today on NFL Radio en route to work I heard the guy on the show comment that long ago when NFL Hall of Fame coach John Madden was covering games with CBS, later with Fox and with NBC, the night before the game they would have a Thanksgiving dinner with the staff and with the referees in town for the game.

Madden commented that as a coach that he always divided the season into the run for his team into Thanksgiving Day weekend and then for after this weekend for a run into the playoffs.

With some of the shoring up of rosters with also veteran free agents lately after the NFL trade deadline 31 October, we can figure many coaches have this mindset to this day.

There are no byes for any teams this weekend, so there are 16 NFL games! The NFL knows many are at home, bored at the in-laws, or waiting in airports and so forth this weekend.

On Friday is the first-ever Black Friday game on Amazon Prime in the US. It’s a hard pass for me given the teams playing, and it’s not because I am out shopping or on travel this weekend. But I am in the minority of fans here.

It does not seem long ago, perhaps about 15 years, when there were only two games on Thanksgiving Day in the US and not three. For years the third game on Thanksgiving night was on The NFL Network, which many people did not have on their cable lineup, so it was either passed up by fans or there was Pirate Sports Network.

But for many more fans, we shall see the engagement on especially Friday for this game. I think the Friday NFL game is also a gambling play now compared to five or so years ago when more of the shopping specials were on Black Friday or the night before.

Those Black Friday deals have been available for two weeks already, so standing in long lines and fighting traffic for many items is totally unnecessary here in 2023.

Idle gamblers on this weekend, with the dominant and targeted demographic men aged 18 to 35 via the betting apps, crave an additional day to bet on football when they will be betting on the other two NFL days anyway plus on any given number of those college rivalry games, which in my past experience often made for good college betting on some of the underdogs with the points and some of the overs.

Like many, I’ll be all over a lot of football, gridiron and association, on Saturday and Sunday but not betting.

If this Black Friday game via Amazon exceeds expectations, much like the Thanksgiving Night game established years ago, that game should become yet another new tradition in the NFL.