NFL reg season 2023 - 2024

not sure I understand why Miami got another receiver, even if a posslble good one.

sometimes a trade of players works out better for everyone. Maybe the chargers and the raiders should trade HC

looks like Raiders fired the GM and HC


NFL Flexible Scheduling Procedures

It’s that time of the season when we see more frequent duds for games on the schedule; consequently since 2006, the NFL has implemented flexible scheduling procedures.

So far this season, the NFL has declined to invoke the procedures, for which a general summary is found below.

Since the deadline to move any games in Week 10 (next NFL weekend) has already passed, we may see the procedures implemented as soon as Week 11 on 19 November.

Current Flexible Scheduling Procedures

Flexible scheduling is in effect during the following windows (the “Flex Scheduling Windows”):

  • For Sunday Night Football, it may be used up to twice between Weeks 5-10, and at the NFL’s discretion during Weeks 11-17;
    > * For Monday Night Football it may be used at the NFL’s discretion in Weeks 12-17;
    > * For Thursday Night Football it may be used up to twice between Weeks 13-17.
  • During the Flex Scheduling Windows, the games initially scheduled for Sunday Night Football (on NBC), Monday Night Football (ESPN or ABC), and Thursday Night Football (on Amazon Prime) are tentatively scheduled and subject to change;
  • Only Sunday afternoon games (or those listed as TBD) are eligible to be moved to Sunday night, Monday night, or Thursday night, in which case the initially scheduled Sunday, Monday, or Thursday night game would be moved to Sunday afternoon;
  • Sunday afternoon games may also be moved between 1:00 p.m. and 4:05 p.m. or 4:25 p.m. ET.

If you are reading this post and are in the weekly NFL picks contest here, go ahead and go to that thread now and make those picks if not having already done so.

You’ll lower your risk of being late or forgetting on Saturday due to life, such as prudent inebriation or intoxication.

You don’t want to be late or forget your picks, because then you are likely to be a no-good galoot.


/Insert John Facenda voice

Behold now the unstoppable force of a loose barge heading to dock.

Jalen Hurts, half man, half beast, in goal line formation, ploughs into the end zone an extra two yards with the brotherly shove.

Touchdown, Eagles.
:partying_face: :eagles:


At the halfway point here are some thoughts on the best players in the league to date. I don’t agree with most of them but interesting in the same sense that power rankings are.

…and it worked. (against the Giants) Watched some of the game and the Raiders had more life in them than they have all year. They put up more run yards then they have in any game this season as well. (against the Giants)


When I saw this article I thought that Jordan Love would compare poorly to both Favre and Rodgers but in fact their stats are remarkably similar. The Packers may have their future QB after all.

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I am not very surprised at how most of the divisions are stacking up at the halfway point, but holy cow, are the Bills ever a big surprise and disappointment. Go figure

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It is horse pucky that this game in Dallas on Fox is the “NFL Game of the Week” in the US, but hey many of us in other markets have the alternative on CBS.

I’d love to see Danny DeVito play.

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Dude is a gamer…

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and getting more and more gamy as the years go by :slight_smile:

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Carolina in to Soldier Field tonight against the Chicago Bears in this weeks instalment of Tank Bowl/ Stupor Bowl…


“Bear down, Chicago Bears”

Thursday Night Football:
Interesting data point after another fart of a game on Thursday night

So though the result and the win for the Bears came down to a missed very long field goal of 59 yards by the Panthers that fell short, there was an interesting data point.

Simply the quarterback does not make for a team win of course, though wow we had the #1 draft pick Bryce Young and all his untold millions, who played at mighty Alabama, against an undrafted rookie who did not even play in NCAA FBS / Division I but in NCAA FCS / Division II.

Chalk this result up to yet another data point that the traditional NFL scouting and draft process is beyond broken as the NFL backs more heavily the new spring league with Fox for primary cover.

At this point, from beyond a business standpoint, I think the NFL does not even want nearly as many more “Big Men on Campus” at more positions.

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Some of these are on par with the dribble kick in the CFL.

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An NFL record set yesterday. Who says NFL games aren’t close or exciting?


That “NFL Parity”

This cliche` has been thrown around by mainstream sports media types for decades, yet now look at the standings and it’s simply all too real this season:

Look at the number of teams with 4, 5, or 6 wins right now as we go into Week 11 of 18
(each team gets one week off).

The teams with 7 or more losses now can almost pack their bags for the winter.

Teams with 8 losses by the end of November are on the thinnest of ice.

With 9 losses, I figure there has to be also some special alignment within the galaxy for a team to prevail and conquer the heavy math against them.