NFL reg season 2023 - 2024

There have been several posts in the past on this issue and I agree with you that it is far from over.

I think that an independent body really needs to study this over say a 3-5 year period. There are too many biased opinions on both sides and everyone clucking about the dangers of turf every time someone suffers a non contact injury isn’t helpful and doesn’t mean that the turf was responsible for the injury.

From what I have read so far there does appear to be a slightly higher occurrence of non contact injuries on turf but I don’t think it is overwhelming and there are other factors to consider as well. I think that turf fields drain much better and more quickly than grass fields which increases player safety.

As cited in the article, cost is also a factor. The difference between annual maintenance costs of a grass field ($4 million) vs a turf field ($1.5 million) is significant. Now the NFL can presumably afford that if it turns out grass is definitely safer but other leagues such as the CFL cannot. That difference alone is half of the salary cap. For many teams in many leagues, perhaps even the majority, this added cost might prevent being able to even field a team in the first place. That would definitely be safer as no one would be injured by turf or grass if there was no team playing in a stadium.

I certainly don’t have the answers but don’t think there is enough definitive information available yet to draw long term conclusions. Today’s turf products are also light years better than what they used to be and look much better too. I am sure I am not the only one who remembers the horrific turf of the 70’s and 80’s in places such as Winnipeg Stadium, Ivor Wynne, Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, Riverfront in Cincinnati and also Oakland and San Francisco among many others. The latter four all hosted both football and baseball and you could see the seams sticking up everywhere, especially around where the bases would be. I can’t count the number of players I saw trip over or get their foot stuck in a seam.


I am NOT an Eagles fan.
But, if I were, my four favorite players in order would be:



Only the Argos at BMO have grass and under turf heating.

And this is also factually incorrect, and this is an NFL thread all the same. There are many articles on the matter. Here is just one.

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Week 6 Starter Injuries

So many starting players were beat up on Sunday and had to take a seat early for the day.

For some of these including most of the quarterbacks, I can’t see how they will be even near 100% even if they do return in Week 7.


This was a bad week for injuries. A Buffalo player was carted off to the hospital in tonight’s game and Josh Allen was taken out in the first half by the concussion spotter but returned quickly.


Good week for me so far for game results. Only bad outcomes are the Saints and Eagles loses.

Just saw the hit on Jimmy G and cant say it looked particularly bad in any way. They said it was his back but it didn’t look like he got twisted up or anything.

I was surprised that he needed to be taken to the hospital.

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I do like this move for reliable hands and veteran experience. We’ll see how he can stll play.

This is a player you don’t need to be the gamebreaker, but you can use for a clutch catch on a second quarter or fourth quarter drive when covered by CB3 or DB4.

Of course the Eagles have multiple other issues, including Hurts’ lacklustre play in so many games at QB, to address now in the heart of the season as the competition has video and has gotten better.

The issue has been indeed more serious than meets the eye, for apparently there was some undisclosed internal damage beyond the injury to the back as reported.

This is on top of a career of injuries that certainly don’t help when a player is seriously injured even in some new way.

At this point, Garoppolo has been so beat up that I would not be surprised if this is his last season.

Here’s what I read with more to the story:

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This is for all you Aaron Rodgers fans out there . This is a nice package of all of his highlights since joining the Jets . Trust me this video won’t take up much of your time . :laughing:


The NFL Sunday Ticket Spin Cycle?

I’m calling it given the technical flaw via YouTube of the new offering, but then again I could not read the entire article. Anybody with insight please advise.

Some of you may not like this but 64 year old Roger Goodell just signed on for 3 more years through 2027. As usual no terms announced but he did make a cool $63.9 million each of the last two years. This may be his last contract.

The article summarizes some of the highs and lows of Roger’s 17 year run as commissioner that began in 2006. On the high side he was at the helm as the NFL became the most financially successful sports league in the world. Franchise values have increased approximately 10x during his tenure and no doubt that is why the owners kept him on. On the downside his handling of both the concussion and Kaepernick issues was appalling before he eventually straightened those out, both at significant cost to the NFL.


I love speed and miami has 4 of the fastest with 3 of them multiple times on this list

Top Plays | NFL Next Gen Stats

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Watched my first NFL game in a long time last night on the hope Rourke might be seen (no joy there). I must say it was a pleasure to hear Al Michaels calling the game. It actually was a kind of warm fuzzy feeling hearing a voice I remember so fondly. I wish we could have him up here calling our games.

Actually if you were paying very close attention they did show a fleeting second of the back of his number # 12 jersey with his name plate fully on screen after that last Jag TD late in the game .


A great breakdown and preview of the upcoming game of the week. Not much to prefer one team over the other.

Also a pretty interesting story of the history between Tua and Hurts, former college teammates.