NFL reg season 2023 - 2024

Demarcus Ware starts of the Hall of Fame game with horrible rendition of the Anthem. At least he tried

I think I will not be cheering for the Browns at all this year after this disgraceful behavoiur

“Garbage, Spilled Food And Drink Everywhere” - Cleveland Browns Reportedly Trashed Plane (


I fell in love with football when I lived in Ohio so the Browns have always had a place in my heart…until a few years ago.

One hopes these athletes get a very long, stern lecture on ‘professionalism’.

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I hate DAZN.

Dont suppose NFL cares, sigh

Was hoping it would change back for this season.

Anyhow, anybody watching tonight preseason games.

Between CFL and Fifa, I dont guess I will

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Seahawks go 32-0 this year, word….

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Gamechanger By the NFL For Fans in the US

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The Running Back Discussion

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How about a thread for nfl talk. Nathan rourke looked pretty good in pre-season game against Dallas, but will it help.?

Like the one you just posted in?


Ok I’ve never looked in this area .thanks

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It’s a good thing that Nathan Rourke has his own new thread here too for that recurringly loaded discussion.

This thread just got started as the regular season was deemed to start. There was an NFL off season thread with over 400 posts that this thread took over from. Early next year there will be an NFL playoff thread. There are also two NFL Pools that take place. So you will have ample outlets for your NFL interest.

Well if you enjoy preseason football, with the last two games the best is to come for you and the WORST is to come for the rest of us.

If you tune in to the home team’s feed, you’ll also be able to enjoy the most homer announcing ever.

Sample Thought of Viewer During Broadcast:
“Dude, do you really mean all that, or are you just that bored in life and scared to go home?”

Anyway, obviously it’s not my thing or that of many and never has been. One of the best decisions EVER made by the NFL was to get rid of one of these meaningless backslapping preseason games and add a regular season game.

Now the NFL owners have been pushing for yet another regular season, but I personally think that’s too much on the players.

I’m good with 17 regular season games, and I stand with the players on that front because it’s not like many of the best players are not also going to play in up to four post-season games.

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The Future of the Kickoff, The Playing Surface, Helmet Safety

Here’s a very interesting summary of the interview between the NFL’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Sills and Pat McAfee.

In the first part, the kickoff is discussed and basically folks, as anticipated for over a decade, they are figuring out how to overhaul the kickoff if not just get rid of it.

But then, in a rare discussion of the topic by a representative of the NFL, Dr. Sills addresses the matter of playing surfaces.

The NFL CMO said studying playing surfaces is “an incredibly active area of work” for the league.

“The bottom line is it is way, way more complicated than it might seem on the surface, no pun intended,” Sills explained. “What you come to realize is we don’t just have two kind of surfaces in the NFL – grass surface and artificial surface. We’ve got almost 30 different surfaces. … When you start looking at what is the safest surface, you really have to take into account all the different injuries, but you also have to take into account how much variability is in surfaces.”

Sills told McAfee that, for example, the league is utilizing a “small robot that drives around the playing surface and takes measurements on all different aspects of the playing surface” this season to further understand the fields of play and eventually provide a consensus opinion.


watched the Jacksonville game tonight. What a treat to see Rourke play. Look forward to more of Rourke and more NFL. Viva la NFL. I wonder how many projected starters played this week


woah, RIP. so young.

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I saw that earlier today too. Some people around here were referring to him as a mini “beast-mode” during his time in Seattle, sad to hear of his passing. Motorcycling can be dangerous, take care out there.


Interesting that the Jags and Detroit have joint practices before their pre-season game on Saturday.
I wonder if that would work in the CFL.

NFL joint practicing in preseason has been going in for years. if CFL did that, all the football canadiana guys here would complain about the CFL trying to be too much like the NFL.

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Or the ‘too cheap to hold individual team practices’ argument….