NFL Refs to Work CFL Exhibition & Regular Season Games

Cam Cole-
"My view is that anytime you shake hands with the NFL, it’s not a bad idea to count your fingers afterward."

I’ve long believed we should be developing some American refs for the CFL but this move is more about the headlines it will generate. Anytime the CFL can associate itself with the NFL, especially when they are trying to rebuild the brand in Toronto, is probably a good thing. :thup:

An interesting article by Cam Cole in the Post this morning. He questions why this is happening and makes some good points.

My view is that anytime you shake hands with the NFL, it’s not a bad idea to count your fingers afterward. That would be called a rule of thumb, so make sure you’ve still got at least one of those left, too. It could be the old Canadian inferiority complex at work, I know, but there it is.

The NFL-CFL agreement on player movement between leagues is so lopsidedly in the NFL’s favour — we pick up their training camp castoffs, coach them up, and then the NFL takes the very best finished products back — it’s hard to call the CFL’s role anything but that of a minor league affiliate.

But then, it’s hardly an exaggeration to say that in many facets of life, we in Canada feel validated only once we’ve got the United States’ seal of approval.

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Your statement has nothing to do with the ref exchange. ( BTW, I think this is a big pointless waste of time. )

Just another reason for you to attack Americans. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Did you not receive enough backlash from your last ridiculous rant ?

How about this ? Let's kick all American players and coaches out of the CFL.
Then without those Americans the CFL will be the SEMI-PRO MINOR LEAGUE operation you will be happy with. :roll: :roll:

Also, a real patriotic Canadian is one who loves and respects his closest friend , neighbor and allies.
As the Americans do for us.

Again, our big problems are not coming from America. It is from our own federal and provincial internal politics.

This rant reads like a propaganda flyer for another invasion of a country not in agreement with the west.

The most patriotic voice, is the voice of dissent.

I think a lot of USA citizens do not even know who we are.
I think most do not have much respect for us or even give a damn about us.
To most, we are insignificant.

However, regardless of that, patriotism is about respect and love for your own country and countrymen, not neighbours. It is good if you can respect your neighbours, but that is not a prerequisite for patriotism. IMO

then again, patriotism is irrelevant to this topic, and so is CFF’s comments.

Smartest Argo fan ever!

Yes, but patriotism does not mean hating another country.
It is CFF, who took this OT. Used the topic thread to go there.
He hates the US more than he loves Canada.

However, back OT . When I heard this on the radio , I was just confused.
I do not see the benefit of this exchange.
IMO, it is a waste of time. Yet best of luck to all involved and I hope some benefit will be found. For the CFL.

That is why I stated it would help the CFL if there was a second tier 2 league in the US ( MLFB ). The NFL would target them before the CFL. For some reason some CFL fans feel pride when our stars go down to that other league.
I hate it when we lose them.

Don't mistake me not wanting Canadian things to be more Americanized as hate for the US. Just because I want no part of something doesn't mean I hate it.

We simply need to stop looking south of the border for the answer to so many questions. It seems as if some of us need them to tell us how to do everything. I guess we wouldn't even know how to wipe our own behinds without their help and input.

The main issue with Canada is not the US, but the weak willed spineless Canadians that would rather be part of anything US. Too many of us follow them, rather than make our own things great with our own people.

I'm just sick of the whole beta ideal that most Canadians choose.

I truly love the world. All the cultures and races, all the religions, but when it comes to North America, the US is largely the greedy and morally corrupt version of us. All the things we try not to be, yet many of us just can't get enough of their sports and culture.

hey, beta was better that vhs

But what does it matter to you??
I don't think many Americans give Canada too much thought, but then why would they?
Their other closest neighbour is Mexico on their other border and who is now their biggest trading partner. There are probably 12 million "illegal Mexicans" living in the US and Latinos make up around 50 million in the US and the fastest growing group. The US has so much more in common with Mexico.
I doubt many American could name the Mexican president or the Mexican states either, is there a need to?
The US doesn't have a huge Canadian population or illegal Canadians climbing fences to get in on a daily basis.

As Cam Cole said in his Post article .......................... "But then, it’s hardly an exaggeration to say that in many facets of life, we in Canada feel validated only once we’ve got the United States’ seal of approval"
He is exactly right, too many Canadians want to be recognized and a pat on the back for some reason. How many times has someone posted an article about the CFL that was in a US paper or on the internet, "wow they are talking about us". Why is it so important to get the US validation?
Just enjoy the CFL and be thankful that we have so many great US players and coaches

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All Argo fans are smart. There just needs to be more of them buying tickets. :wink:

Yet I wondered how long it would take for that to kick in. " The West" or " Those Westerners " .
The animosity out East towards the West has resulted in a divided country.

CanFFan, stop being obsessed with the USA, and place your focus here in Canada. Our nation needs to be focused on national unity, not division.

It doesn’t.

The other part of the deal is that some CFL refs will get to do the NFL ref development program, which is far better funded and more advanced than anything the CFL could afford to do. Those guys will take that experience back to the CFL.

People always say they want more training for officials, and now that is a thing that can happen. It’d be great if the CFL could do it alone, but is the budget there?

(People also keep saying the refs won’t know the rules, but that’s why they are going to be limited to positions like line judge where things are pretty similar. The head referee is not going to be an NFL guy. Also worth pointing out that refs doing leagues with different rules isn’t exactly some unheard of thing that never happens, considering NHL refs have done the Olympics and other international events with different rules. Pro refs are pretty good at this stuff, it’s what they do for a living.)

If they didn't have the option to go back to the NFL, how many of them would come here at all? Tons of guys come to the CFL because it lets them keep playing in a venue that the NFL notices, and most of them wind up staying for their entire career. If all of those guys go somewhere else instead, that's not beneficial for the CFL, considering Canadians who want a sniff at the NFL (aka: most of the top skill guys) would go there too.

It sucks when a guy like Cam Wake leaves. It didn't suck that we got to watch him, and his experience sold the league to 50 other guys who stayed.

Guys who are playing as a career want to make the most money they can. That means the NFL. So long as the CFL is the top destination for guys clinging to the NFL dream, we will get players of a calibre that we wouldn't get as a third tier league.

Agreed. If it helps raise the level of officiating, and keep current officials accountable, I'm all for it. Now the league needs to step up and actually pay these guys enough so that being an official can become a full time occupation just how it is in other professional leagues.

I'd agree with this, but I do think officiating clinics/games would strengthen both sides of the border....

Interview with Former NFL official and NFL on FOX officiating guru Mike Pereira, on TSN Vancouver

What I would like to see when the NFL officials are working the CFL games is that they wear their NFL caps.
Just a preference for me.

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Maybe you should build a wall to keep out americans, canadianfootballTrump?!