Ok as many as you know, Im new to the CFL Football thing. But watching and hearing about Lumsden (The BEAST)why isnt this guy in the NFL. The way this dude run's with force and power is something different. He is a real ball player.

I would hate to be on the other end of the open hole.

Can anyone tell me whats up.

He was in NFL camps in 2005(seattle) and 2006(washington) but was a late cut both times.

he seems to always be improving, and i wouldnt be suprised if he was drafted after this season.

Several things…

  1. He was injured slightly during both camps
  2. He wasn’t used to the pace as well as the different playbook and style of game. It affected his evaluations.
  3. His running style is unorthodox and the NFL runs like a machine. Along with being Canadian it made him seem a bit ‘weird’.
  4. His blocking and pass catching were suspect. It reduced his utility.

Football is a game of opportunity. There is an abundance of talent in the CFL that is truly NFL calibre if not for sufficient opportunity.

Big names at big schools make impacts on NFL squads immediately because teams are willing to make room for these types as they already have selling value. This is especially true at the HB position. Jesse is a white, Canadian from a school that doesn't play 4 down football. Not only that, but he signed with 2 NFL clubs that had a proven depth of vets at his position.

The fact of the matter is, regardless of what level of football it is, plenty of talent goes to the wayside in the absence of opportunity.

We're lucky to have Jesse and Jesse is lucky to have the Tiger-Cats as they may very well be his spring board to the NFL and if not, the CFL will make him a fine living barring injury for the next decade.

Additionally, he played his university football in Canada (at McMaster University in Hamilton where he set/broke rushing records.) Players from Canadian universities aren't taken too seriously in NFL training camps and have to REALLY impress to stick.

He did play in the East-West College Game in the States a couple years back and was the leading rusher IIRC (albeit in limited playing time), thereby getting an invite to Seattle's training camp.

In Seattle's camp 2 years ago he got banged up and was cut as soon as he got better.

Last year he was invited to Washington's camp and was cut when they traded for a back with some NFL experience.

So now he's in Hamilton for at least this year and next, hopefully - for the TiCats and their fans - longer.

Now that I dont buy.

Im sure the NFL would know about him being injured. And for the pace well this CFL is much faster than the NFL. And being the good player he is Im sure that didnt affect his play and heart.
His running style isnt unorthdox hell many of the running backs in the NFL are unorthdox. He seems ready to break the run and hit you at the same time.

Being canadian didnt have anything to do with it. NFL looks for players with skill and heart, both of which he has. The dang NFL dropped the ball on this guy

Not so much being Canadian, but attending a Canadian University, where the coaching isn't at the same level as a US University, so it would have made him more of a "project". After a couple years of seasoning in Canada the NFL may very well knock on his door again.

All the better for us.

NFL or CFL I wish this dude well, he is really a player to watch. Cant wait to meet him soon!

It is a racial thing, IMO.

How many white running backs in the NFL?

People would laugh at any team that stuck with him.

That is actually quite an ignorant thing to say on my behalf. Although, I don't see any white running backs in NFL.

Now that I dont buy.
Sorry... those were the reports direct from the training camps. You may not realize how packed those camps are. He was competing against 6 guys at Seattle for the #4 spot on the roster. You fall behind for even a day and life passes you by. There are just so many RB's to choose from in the States.

True to the part where there isnt many whites back there.
But damn this dude is for real.

since when is he the beast? he isnt a beast hes a wimp.

He is the BEAST cause i gave him that name.

And after this season you will see why

hmmm didnt know this about him...

hmmmm let me think of a new name ........................................
Got it.


ok let me think about how is he a beast it was one game and now your thinking hes nfl ready. he will not make it in the nfl. he will be an average cfl running back for the rest of his life.

im not going off one game babyboy, its his style, heart, and power.

But hey if you think that about him, i can dig that and respect that.

peace out mr.corbin

Its impossible for him to be drafted by the NFL as he went to a Canadian University and has been out of school for 3 years..

Didn't that Jamal Richardson try to get drafted this year after three seasons with the Riders?