NFL Question

Someone posted something on this forum awhile ago about CFL Practice Roster players getting only 500 dollars a week, does anyone know how much NFL Practice Roster players make? I assume more than 500 bucks, but does anyone have an exact figure?

heard it was about $800/week

ok thanks.

It cant be 800 dollars a week the least amount a NFL player cxan make is 250 000 dollars. 800 x 52 =41 600 dollars so it would have to be 4807 dollars because 250 000 / 52 = 4807! plus thats american dollars

they don't make that much money every week, only during the season and traing camp and playoffs. plus i think if you only on the practice roster the $250 000 doesn't apply

So what if its American Dollars?

Actually 250 000 does apply to the practice squad, i am pretty sure, however, if you know the correct answer please reply... 250 000 american is 312 500 dollars canadian

I looked up the collective bargaining agreement on the NFL Players Association website. They make 4700 per week of the regular season. If they make the playoffs, they get 4700 dollars for each week that their team is in the playoffs. This I can tell you is set in stone. What I'm not quite sure of is that sometimes the team players will chip in a little bit extra ( 10 percent of the playoff bonus) to pool towards the practice squad players as well.

4700 x 17 weeks = 79,900 plus playoff weeks and pool money (if applicable)

Wow, That's Actually Pretty Disapointing. The Fact That They Get That Much Money To Not Even Be Good Just Amazes Me. I Was Sitting Around With Some Of My College Buddies Saying How A Friend Of Ours Was Laughing Because He Got Offered A Job At Half That Before Finishing. Well The Jokes Over When There Are Football Players Making That In 8 Weeks When It Takes Us Average Joes An Entire Year To Make The Same Amount.

psychosheepdog is right.

As long as a player is on the active roster, they must earn at least the league minimum for that week, which I presume is 250k divided by 16. However, there is no guaranteed money in the NFL, so a player downgraded to injured list or practice roster can be payed far less.

Salary cap is somewhere around $81m per team.

psychosheepdog, you are forgeting the pay in also trainning camp and pre season!

True, but alot of the practice squad doesn't get picked up until after the season begins. I've heard of "vagabond" players that will get hired on for a particular specialty that they posess that matches the opposition for the weeks ahead and then move on for another team. And besides, what they make in the pre season is peanuts (insert laughing here) compared to the regular season.

At this point the CFL is a working man’s league that depends on the GATE …and not on HUGE DUMB T.V. contracts…of 8 billion U.S.

Plus, we also have 1 tenth of the U.S’ population…

So, it is quite easy for a place like, MICHIGAN…to get 100,000 , for collage games.

But money doesn’t prove that something is major league or not.

The NLL…players are major league and they get paid next to nothing. :wink:

So what if it is American money. While they earn it, they have to spend American dollars for everything, so...

So what if it is American money. While they earn it, they have to spend American dollars for everything, so...

so american stuff is cheaper because there money is worth more. if everything cost the same americans wouild just shop over here.

Oh please
what are you an econimics major?
An American buck in the states is worth a buck.
When you get paid in american money and you live in the states it doesnt matter what the doller is worth here.

If the US doller becomes worth less than the can did the take a pay cut????? NO